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Linking Instagram and Amazon

Why Linking Instagram to Amazon Is Important

Having multiple social media accounts for a business can increase traffic to your website or store tremendously. Think about the different types of people who use each platform. Facebook has always been the most important social media platform for a business, but as time passes, people are involved with more than just Facebook and that includes Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram (IG). But why is Instagram so popular for brands at the moment? To start off, Instagram has over 500 million daily users. Instagram’s user engagement with a brand is 10x higher than Facebook. That’s 10x more people who engage with your brand that you could be missing out on if you don’t have an IG page. Instagram is also a great platform to form an email list. Not only is it great for promoting your business, but you could potentially be making an income off of your brand’s IG page as well.

Below is an infographic of a few IG business statistics for 2018 that are extremely important. These are some of the reasons why so many brands continue to use Instagram.


(Statistics Information pulled from AdEspresso)

Instagram Analytics


One thing I love about Instagram is the analytics that come with your profile. If you have your Facebook business profile linked to your Instagram, you will have access to free analytics for your Instagram page linking to your Amazon listing or store. (Click here to learn how to set it up) The analytics include gender, location, best time to post and age. They also include insights and metrics for paid and organic activity.  

Analytics also includes a activity tab that tracks weekly interactions, reach and impressions along with your most interacted post on your feed and your story. This is a great free tool to keep track on how well your page is doing and what your audience wants to see. This will also help define your target market. How? Posting different things and figuring out what your most liked picture is will help determine what your best selling product could be, or what your audience is most interested in. This feedback will help with your Amazon listings, it will show you what to sell because it is the most popular item on your page.

How to Advertise your Amazon Listing on Instagram

  1. Contacting An Influencer

  2. This is the most popular way to promote your product to a large audience that shares the same interest. Instagram is filled with influencers that specialize in any category you could think of.  An Influencer is someone on instagram who has a great engagement rate along with a nice following who promotes products or services to their followers. These people charge brands a fee for every sponsored post they get asked to do. This is a fast way to get your product advertised to thousands or even millions of people.  

  3. Peak Time

  4. Post your picture during peak times on Instagram. Posting at a popular time will increase the awareness of your product when it is on your audience’s feed.  According to Hubspot, the best time to post on Instagram is:


  1. Run Ads On Instagram

  2. If you already run ads on Facebook you could run the same ones on Instagram since the business page is linked to Instagram. This is a way to target the best people with the lowest cost.

  3. Create Instagram Stories

  4. When I’m on Instagram, I always see people say that their story gets more views than their actual posts and this is true in a way. Instagram stories is the first thing someone sees when they open the app which makes sense on why someone would get more views on their story than their actual posts. A lot of people get on Instagram to watch stories, look at the explore page and exit the app. (Although this isn’t true for everyone but it does happen). This is why it is great to post frequently on your story and also run ads on your  Instagram story to help your audience become aware of your products that are linked to your Amazon listing.

  5. Engage Your Followers In Your Posts

  6. When posting on your Instagram story, make sure you get your audience involved too. When I ask questions or post polls on my Instagram story I get twice as many views as I normally do. Why? Because I ask questions to get to know my audience. People like to feel involved and become more engaged when you ask questions or post polls. Not only does this engage them but it gets them coming back. Asking questions in the captions of your picture allows your  audience to be very active. It also helps your engagement rate and could help you tailor your listing if you keep getting consistent questions. Maybe something is unclear and people are asking you the same questions. This will help you understand if anything is unclear and gives you the opportunity to edit your description on your product on your Instagram post and your Amazon listing.

  7. BIO

  8. The most crucial part: Make sure to put your Amazon listing or store link in your bio. This is the first thing your audience is going to see when they get to your page. Without this, your audience won’t have a clue how to get to your site or won’t put in enough effort to look it up for themselves.  

How to Have a Great Instagram Feed

Below is a list to help you get started on an awesome feed for your Amazon listing or store.

Why does the feed matter? Because this is the first thing people look at when they click on your page. Visuals: the most important thing on Instagram. If your feed is messy or cluttered people will feel overwhelmed and most likely click off of your page. Planning your feed and finding a theme will help your Instagram page tremendously.

  1. Planning your feed

  2. Downloading an app to help arrange your feed is the first step to getting a great feed for your business. Apps like Preview, Plann, Unum and Planoly  help you plan what your feed is going to look like. Planning your feed comes in handy because it helps you create great content. These apps will also let you set a reminder on when to post and even come with cool filters you could use over your photos.

  3. Color Schemes/Themes

  4. Themes on Instagram are very popular right now. Not only are they popular but they are appealing to the eye. Having a theme on your page makes everything flow together very well. You can choose from having a color scheme, border focused theme, grid type theme  and so much more that could fit your brand.

Here are some examples of brands who have a great theme or color scheme going on:


Great color schemes. All of the colors are bright and each color is in the last post making everything look well put together. Even though the colors are different. The tone of the colors go well together, they all seem to be a bright pastel color.

Their theme goes well with the brand because not only are they showing the shoes, they are also showing the atmosphere in which people are wearing the shoes. Landscape pages on Instagram is always beautiful and the most followed, so pairing the two is a smart move.

Pantone is known for being the master of color, so of course their Instagram page would look amazing, right? About every 9 pictures is when the color changes. Right now it looks like they are focused on pink. Each color has pink or it is a has a neutral that goes along with it nicely.

Aurora Design:

The theme used on this page is more focused on the layout more than the color scheme which is perfectly fine because it flows very well. The borders give it a more focused and clean look. Borders are also great to keep up with an instagram theme, it makes every picture the same width and length giving it a even look on the page.

How to Target the Right People on Instagram: #Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram are a way for people to find others in certain categories the customer is interested in. Let’s say you sell swimwear, the hashtags you could include would be #beachwear #swimsuit #beachbody and #swimming. All of these hashtags have over 1 Million posts, so we know these are popular hashtags. One thing you have to watch out for when you are using hashtags are spammers. A lot of the time spammers will find you using these hashtags and leave comments under your post that include “cool post! Awesome! Love! Follow back!” and so on. These type of comments could hurt your page because real customers will think your page is fake or think you paid for your followers and comments.  If you notice this type of behavior off of the hashtags you are using, you could delete the comments and focus on other hashtags. To avoid spammers, you could use hashtags that have below 50k posts. These hashtags are just as good and more than likely will be filled with real people who are genuinely looking at your post because they want to, not to leave a fake comment and beg for a follow back.

Helpful Sites for Instagram

  1. Scheduled posts

  2. Scheduling posts is great because it will post the picture for you, without you worrying about it.

  3. Apps or websites that help schedule posts:

  4. Crowdfire

  5. Buffer

  6. Sendilbe

  7. Later

  8. Hootsuite

  9. Engaging With Followers

  10. Here are some sites to check your engagement rate and give you an estimate on how much you could be making off of each post if you link your Instagram to your Facebook business profile. It’s important to check your engagement rate because it will show have active you are with your audience.

  11. Influence Marketing Hub

  12. Influencerfee

Linking an Instagram page to your Amazon listing will help your listing drastically. As mentioned above, Instagram has 10x more people who engage with a brand, so why not take advantage and link your Instagram to your Amazon listing to advertise to those who are interested in the products you sell? Staying on top of consistent posting, engagement and great content will lead to a successful Instagram business page. Not only will it help your Amazon listing, you could be making money on both platforms. Why miss out on two sources of money? Good luck!

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