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How to Tell if Products Are Too Competitive

You found the products you want to sell on Amazon, great! You list them and wait for the money to roll in….


But, you search for your listings and see they’re on page 15!


How did this happen?! Well, looking at how competitive a product is before deciding to try to sell it can save you a lot of problems.

Researching the competition of a product is going to determine if the product is going to sell at all. How? Let’s break it down into three categories.

Products with No Listing & a Low Search Volume

Typically people that find products with no listings think that they are going to be one of the first people to sell it and make bank! When really there are no listings for a reason. If there is no listing there probably isn’t a need for the product.

How can you tell? There are a couple of websites that allow you to search for a keyword but many of them are not free. An important one that is free is Google Trends. This could help by telling you how popular the term or product is. For example, let’s search the term bathing suit.


As you can see, this product has a low search volume during the colder months of the year so it wouldn’t be smart to try and sell this item during this time.  But, it would be smart to sell this item when it starts to become warm because as you can see, over the past 5 years there is a major increase in the search term during the middle of March.

If you want to find more specific data you can try sites like Keyword Tools, that work specifically with Amazon keywords & products and if you want to learn more about keyword search volume you can click here to check it out.  

Products with low search volume tell you that no one is searching for the product. By doing this simple step, you could be saving yourself hundreds and even thousands of dollars on wasted products that will not sell because they are not needed. Always remember consumers shop for their needs.

Products with Multiple Listings & a Very High Search Volume

If you search for a product on Amazon and see that there are over 4-5 pages of the same product being sold, chances are people aren’t even paying attention to anything but the first page or the most popular seller selling the product. Think about when you search for something online, do you get overwhelmed when you are looking for something and there are thousands of options?


Another thing to consider when looking at products to sell, are the reviews. If a product has thousands of reviews, it’s going to be hard to sell the same thing. That seller already has thousands of  loyal customers, and it’s going to take a lot to break that loyalty. For example, this Aztec Healing Clay has over 19,000 reviews along with the best seller badge, this is something you want to reconsider selling if you are new to Amazon.

You may be wondering, if I sell something with a low search volume it won’t sell, and if I sell something with a high search volume I might not have the chance of my product being seen, so what am I suppose to sell and what do I look for?

Products that are a Happy Medium

You want to find a  happy medium between the two. The easiest way to do this is to be on the lookout for trending products. Trending products come in handy because these products won’t have a low search volume or a high search volume for now. If you hop on the trend right before it takes off, you are more likely to be one of the first who sells the product and you won’t have to worry about other competitors and you also wouldn’t have to worry about the product not being popular.

Another way to find a product that isn’t too competitive is to search Amazon’s most wished for and best selling categories. These categories will also tell you what is trending and what could be a good fit for you, again take into account the number of products that are listed and number of reviews. Products around 50-1,000 reviews is something you could possibly compete in, anything more than that is going to take a lot of work.

Finding out if a product is too competitive to sell on Amazon can be stressful, but if you consider these factors and take the time to do a little extra research it can make you an  extremely successful Amazon Seller. Good luck, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


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