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How to (Hopefully) Get More Reviews on Amazon

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Are you struggling to get sales on Amazon? Does your competitor have hundreds of reviews and you’re wondering how they did it? Continue reading to see how it's done.

When people are searching Amazon for a product they tend to lean towards products that have a good amount of reviews. Why? Shoppers base their opinions on others when it comes to online shopping. According to, 91% of customers read reviews and 84% trust online reviews. So, if you have a great product with no reviews, how will you make any sales if the majority of people base their opinion on a review?

Here are a few suggestions to help get more reviews without asking for reviews:

#1 Send Emails through Amazon

Use Amazon’s Automated Order Feedback System! Using Amazon’s automated order feedback system comes in handy if you do not have time to check up on each and every customer. This system automatically sends out information to the consumer so they can fill it out and let you know how you’re doing. This could help you tailor how you run your business if you get common messages from your consumers about things you can improve. Remember: it’s a violation to contact consumers through email, but you can link to your Amazon storefront.

#2 Free eBooks

Giving away free eBooks not only puts your product in more hands without a purchase, it gives you more exposure for your brand. This could also help with your email list. If you have an eBook, product ads within the eBook can drive people to your storefront on Amazon and can help increase sales. How do you do it? If you’ve already got an email list, you could send them a link to a newsletter or email subscription and then the eBook downloads after they sign up, knocking two birds out with one stone. After they read the eBook, they could be interested in your products – free advertising at its best. You can also try offering a discount code for the products you’re advertising in the eBook to further entice customers to purchase them from your Amazon store.

#3 Bundle Products

Bundling products is attractive to consumers, especially those who are shopping for that one product. Offering additional products for the same price often cinches the decision for many shoppers. HomeCare estimates that bundling saves consumers an additional 7 to 15 percent and, as a result, increases the perceived value to the consumer.

#4 Promote High Quality Products

Promoting high quality products is pretty obvious. Selling high quality products = happier customers = potential reviews. People are more likely to leave reviews when they’ve had either a wonderful experience and are very happy, or they’ve had an awful experience and want to complain about it. Selling high-quality products will also help with your return rate. Often, sellers have trouble with their return rate because they are not inspecting their products carefully before they buy and sell it. So when the product gets shipped to the customer and it’s defective, they want a refund and leave negative reviews. It’s important to make sure you have clear, well-focused pictures on a white background, a clear description of the product, and all questions are answered as well.

#5 Make The Most Out Of Customer Service

Customer service is very important for Amazon Sellers. If your customers have questions about something, be sure to respond in a reasonable time. Bad customer service is another way that can get you no reviews or negative reviews. If you are having trouble with difficult customers, read our blog on how to deal with them here.

#6 Product Inserts

While Amazon frowns upon inserting items into your products that promote outside websites or solicits the customer to leave feedback, signup for something, etc, you could insert a small postcard-sized card in the box with information about your business, along with a thank you note. This will show the consumer you care about your customers and is also very economical. This has the potential to increase customer loyalty and, maybe, establish a relationship between you and the customer that could increase the likelihood they’ll purchase your products again. There are a variety of inserts you could offer including product samples, assembly instructions, troubleshooting tips, thank you cards, and personal notes.

These are just a few ways that might increase your chances of getting more reviews for your products. Remember to take your time when you are writing emails and designing inserts, you don’t want to rush and send a generic message that will easily get overlooked and added to the trash folder. Taking these simple options into consideration may help get you reviews and all without infringing on Amazon’s terms of service.

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