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How to Get Your Brand Gated on Amazon

We’ve talked before about how to get ungated in order to sell certain brands on Amazon. But how do brands go about getting their products and brand gated on Amazon? It may seem like only large, well-known or luxury brands are eligible to be gated, but this isn’t necessarily true. Most brands selling private label products are able to request to have their brand gated on Amazon. Here is a look at how to go about getting your brand gated on Amazon.

Is Your Brand Eligible to be Gated on Amazon?

The first important step is to have already enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. If you have not already done this for your brand, you’ll need to go through those steps before requesting to have your brand gated on Amazon. You also need to know if you have experienced any counterfeit activity with your products. The main goal of getting brands gated on Amazon is to keep counterfeit products from being sold and customers being upset about receiving a lower-quality or fake product.

Part of being eligible for the Brand Registry is registering your brand as a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This helps ensure that no one can steal your brand name, and if they do or try to, you have legal recourse to get them to stop.

Send Amazon a List of ASINs to Gate

Once you’ve successfully enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry, you’ll need to have a list of your ASINs that you want gated. This list should be in order from most important to least important to demonstrate which ones need to be gated first. It’s a good idea to prioritize your ASINs for gating with the ones you’ve seen counterfeits popping up for. This will help put an end to those counterfeit products being sold faster. Eventually all of your ASINs will be gated once your brand is gated on Amazon, but this list helps Amazon know which products need to be gated as fast as possible.

If you have hired an Intellectual Property lawyer, having them contact Amazon with this list can demonstrate that you are taking getting your brand gated on Amazon seriously and may speed up the process.

It can take up to 5 weeks for the whole process of getting your brand gated on Amazon to be complete, so this list can be helpful in getting the most important ASINs gated faster than your whole brand.

Provide Documentation of Previous Counterfeit Activity

If you are experiencing counterfeit products causing issues for your brand, provide thorough and detailed documentation to Amazon that shows what you’ve been dealing with. You’ll also want to demonstrate how you’ve been trying to overcome these issues. This will help them understand that your brand needs to be gated, and perhaps urgently. Remember, Amazon wants brands to be gated in order to prevent counterfeit products being sold to customers that will likely not give them the best experience. So they will likely prioritize gating brands that are having significant counterfeit problems and are actively trying on their end to put a stop to it.

When contacting Amazon regarding this counterfeit activity, provide them with your Seller ID and all of the most relevant information regarding the counterfeit activity and your attempts to stop it. Stay on topic, be concise and to the point while thoroughly explaining all aspects of the problem.

How Long Does it Take to get a Brand Gated on Amazon?

Once you’ve submitted all of your information in order to have your brand gated on Amazon, it can take up to 5 weeks to get your brand completely gated. An easy way to check if your products have been gated is to go to the product listing and click on “Sell on Amazon” underneath the Buy Box and “Other Sellers on Amazon” box (if visible).

brand gated on amazon

If that ASIN has been gated, it will show a message that says “You need approval to list in this brand” with a “Request approval” button.

Hopefully this overview of getting your brand gated on Amazon was helpful! The sooner you can get started getting your brand gated, the better! You don’t want to lose sales to counterfeiters and potentially have your brand reputation damaged.

If you need help getting your brand gated on Amazon, our Expert Support Team is here to help! Sign up for our ‘Managed’ Support to get started!

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