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Hot Products for the 2019 Holidays

Q4 is approaching quickly and it is time to start getting ready for the holiday season. If you are struggling with finding new products to sell for this holiday season, then let’s go over some products that you can easily find and sell.

Movies nights, warm drinks, decorations, blankets, socks, scarves and boots are some of the few things that come to mind when I hear the words holiday season. It’s also what a lot of customers search for during this season as well. Let’s list a couple of items that are trending around this season. There are many other products that you could sell during this season, these are some of the current trending items.

Hot Products: Hoodies 

hot products 2019

For the majority of the US, holiday season means chilly weather. The spike in the graph shows an increase in the search term ‘hoodie’ around the end of November for the past 5 years. If you want to stand out against your competitors, you could try to find cool relatable hoodies! Find hoodies that have phrases, hoodies that have to do with the season. For example, you could find hoodies that have pumpkins on it or gingerbread etc. You don’t have to stick with hoodies, you can also try sweatshirts, jackets, cardigans, anything that people use to keep warm during the chilly weather.

If you haven’t noticed, there is a trend right now among teenagers wearing hoodies ALL THE TIME. It’s still summer, and yet middle and high school kids can be seen waiting for the bus wearing shorts and hoodies. It may make no sense as to why they feel the need to wear hoodies even when it is warm outside, but it is undeniable that they are very popular with teenagers right now (regardless of the season). This is a great example of why you should keep a keen eye on trends if you want to take advantage of them before they fizzle out.

Hot Products: Mugs

hot products 2019

Mugs are a perfect product to sell during the holiday season. Why? Not only are they for all ages, they can be used for a lot of things as well. During this cold season, it’s all about warm drinks. Hot chai, hot cocoa, brownies in a mug, hot chocolate milk, etc. As you can see on the graph, the search term ‘mugs’ starts to pick up about mid-November which gives you plenty of time to get your stock ready. Holiday mugs are a big win.

Hot Products: Ornaments 

During the holidays, people tend to put their trees up pretty early. Even as early as late September. Families and friends are coming over and people want their trees to look nice for photos. Ornaments allow them to customize their tree in their own way. This is a great item to sell during the holiday season and will sell all the way up to a week before Christmas.

Hot Products: Toys 

Although toys are trending everyday, it is an extremely important product during the holiday season. There are two major holiday shopping events during this upcoming holiday season that revolve around toys: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Selling these products during the holiday season will result in a massive amount of sales. If you end up selling toys during this time, make sure you are fully stocked. You do not want to run out of a product and leave the customer no choice but to move on to the next seller.

Hot Products: 2020 Calendars & Journals

One of the easiest items to sell at the end of the year are calendars and journals. Another product that could be used for all ages, professions, etc. With the new year approaching right after the holidays, people are often gifted planners or calendars for the upcoming year. Not only will this item sell during the holidays, it was also sell throughout spring, especially if you sell the journals and planners that include extra months going into 2021.

I hope this list gave you an idea on what you plan on selling during this holiday season. Remember, there are so many other products that go along with the holiday season including:

  1. Gloves

  2. Beanies

  3. Boots

  4. Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations

  5. Onesies

If you want to sell toys during Q4, remember that there is a deadline. For more information on selling toys on Amazon, you can click here to read more.

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