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Have You Heard About Amazon Live?

Amazon recently released Amazon Live,  which is an ‘episode’ of the best deals that Amazon is offering for the day. It is either located on the front page further down, or you can access it by clicking on ‘today’s deals’.

amazon live

Amazon Live has been compared to QVC. If you are not sure what QVC is, it is a retail company that has a show on TV where they spend some time reviewing and showing how many different products work. Click here to see what it’s like to better understand.

While watching the live stream, they showed many products ranging from blenders, knives, face exfoliators, and even the Echo Dot. It seems as if some of the live stream is done in the Amazon studio, while some parts of the video are sellers promoting their products. Amazon Live gives it’s sellers, customers and themselves a time to advertise their product to millions of people while also showing how the product works. This is huge for sellers because it will also change the way people shop for things. Instead of only relying on written reviews, you are also able to see the product in action and who doesn’t want to see what it’s like before buying it?

Another cool thing with the live stream is they have a slideshow attached to the video and every time they talk about a new product, it swipes to show you the exact product, price and how many reviews/stars it has. Making it extremely easy for shoppers/viewers.

After doing some research, I found that to be able to participate in the Amazon Live, you have to be a professional seller registered in brand registry. And if you fit that category you can download the Amazon Live Creator App.

amazon live

According to Amazon’s website, Live allows you to drive sales, interact with viewers and be discovered. “Your live streams appear on on desktop, mobile, and Amazon’s mobile app in prominent places such as product detail pages, your Store, and on You can also pay to promote your live stream to reach even more customers.”

There is a business that goes by the name ‘Watch ya mouth’ that says, “ Live Streaming has helped increase daily visits to our product detail page by 5x and significantly grew our sales. ” For more information on live streaming on Amazon, click here.

Have fun and good luck creating!

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