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Gaining the Amazon Best Seller Badge

The Amazon Best Seller badge is one of the most important aspects of Amazon for a seller. It is an icon that is displayed on the product detail page that shows some of the best selling products at the moment. The list is updated hourly which means people check it frequently. This page consists of each category that Amazon offers so no product is left out.

Amazon Best Seller Badge

Here are some facts about the Amazon Best Seller Badge:

  1. The Amazon Best Seller badge is based on sales, not ratings or reviews

  2. It reflects recent and historical sales of every item sold

  3. It is an indicator of how well a product is selling overall, it doesn’t always indicate how well an item is selling among other similar items

  4. Losing your spot can be easier than gaining it

  5. Available to all sellers (Vendor Central, 3rd Party Seller, etc.)

  6. Doesn’t show up in the search results, it is shown on the detail page

  7. It is based on an algorithm

The Amazon Best Seller badge is basically ‘first come, first served’. Gaining the Amazon Best Seller badge is up for grabs if your product loses its spot, unless your sales are good enough to keep the spot for a couple of hours. The Amazon Best Seller badge is important because it makes your product stand out amongst all of your competitors. This badge can do great things for your listing. It isn’t based on reviews and ratings, but it can help boost your reviews and ratings by putting you on the bestseller page, driving more traffic to your listing. But the main question is how do I get the Amazon Best Seller badge?

To get the Amazon Best Seller badge, you can follow these tips:

Optimize Your Listing

Optimizing your listing will help drive traffic to your page, you can optimize your listing by:

Improving Your Product Photos

  1. Is your first picture an eye-catcher? Are your pictures clear and easy to read? Make sure you show different angles of the product to show all aspects of the product.

Bullet Points

  1. Use bullet points for your description of the product. This makes it easier for the customer to read and really makes the description stand out from the rest of the information on the page.

Keyword Research

  1. Intensive keyword research will have you looking for competitive keywords. It will also help your listing gain sales by putting your listing on the first page when people search for your product. You can use misspelled keywords as well because it is common for someone to search for a product and spell it wrong. Finding the best, relatable keywords will make it easier for your product to show up as your audience searches for it.  

Adjust Your Pricing

  1. Is your product the most expensive with the least reviews? Are your sales drastically less than your competitors? If so, you are giving them a better chance at the Amazon Best Seller badge. Try looking over your product and comparing it to your competitors’ price and ask yourself would it be smart to mark it down a couple dollars to produce more sales or list it a couple dollars more. If your product is a little bit more expensive than everyone else or you plan on marking it up, make sure your products quality matches up to it.

Switching Categories

  1. If its an option, your product could potentially be available in multiple categories. Find out where your product is selling the best and list it there, you will have a better chance of being an Amazon Best Seller in that category. You can also compete in an easier category which would make it less competitive. A big problem that people have when it comes to Amazon selling, is selling in the wrong category. This can cause people to overlook your product if it not in the right place.

Use Amazon Sponsored Advertising

  1. According to Amazon’s Sponsored Advertising page, “Ads appear on search results pages and relevant product pages, directing customers to your product detail page or Store. This can be done in 3 easy steps:

  2. 1. Selecting the product you want to advertise

  3. 2. Setting your budget

  4. 3. Choosing a combination of keywords, products and product categories you want to target”

By following these tips, this should help with your sales drastically and potentially boost you to #1 in your category, resulting in receiving the Amazon Best Seller badge. Maintaining it is the difficult part because it is updated every hour of the day, but by following these tips and keeping up on your listing and tailoring it in a way to make it easy for everyone to understand makes it a lot easier for you to reach #1 on the best seller list on Amazon.

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