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Finding Amazon Product Niches

We’ve all heard people talk about ‘niches,’ but finding one that is profitable can be tricky. (Side note: is it pronounced neesh or nitch??? Turns out it’s both.)

In case you don’t know, a niche in the sense of selling on Amazon is a well-defined market segment that has similar traits. It may seem like it wouldn’t be a difficult task to find profitable Amazon product niches, but it can be tricky and take some work. Luckily, there are some ways you can get started without paying for any tools. There are tools you can use that cost money, which we will talk about at towards the end for those we want a quicker option. For those who want to do the research on their own, here are some easy ways to get started!


A couple of good places to start doing research and get ideas from are Affinity Audiences (in Google AdWords) and Detailed Targeting (in Facebook Ads Manager). Both of these places give you interest-based niches and show you the size of those niches based on audience size (Facebook) and estimated weekly impressions (Google).

amazon product niches

This is an example of what you can find in Google AdWords Affinity Audiences. There are many options to explore based on categories that interest you. This screenshot shows a sub-category under ‘Home & Garden’ called ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’ that has an estimated 10 billion – 1 trillion weekly impressions (in the USA and Canada). You can see that there are related audiences and the top YouTube categories shown based on this sub-category. This is good information when looking for an Amazon product niche because if you were wanting to find a product for this audience you could research arts and crafts supplies that have low competition, as well as other supplies people who are crafty might need.

amazon product niches

This is a screenshot from Facebook Ads Manager, showing Detailed Targeting when setting up an ad campaign. Within Detailed Targeting, you can browse demographics, interests, and behaviors. Here you can see I have narrowed it down to people who like and/or are interested in drawing under the Arts and music category within Hobbies and activities. This audience has almost 200 million people on Facebook. That is a lot of people! You can further narrow the audience size by selecting a category or sub-category from the Detailed Targeting list and applying other information like an age range, location, and a gender. This will provide a narrower scope and a smaller audience.

You can use these two tools together to get a better idea of what kind of Amazon product niches to research and also how many people are in the potential target audience.

Find Committed Communities

Potential Star Wars spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned!

You’ve likely heard that there’s a new (and sadly, the last) Star Wars movie out right now. Star Wars obviously has a die-hard fandom that is committed to the story, characters, and each other. This is a perfect example of a potential Amazon product niche. While Star Wars has a ton of products already available, there will always be opportunities to expand product offerings that other sellers haven’t thought of yet. This is also true as new characters come out, like my two new favorites D-O and Babu Frik. Another example is ‘The Child’ or ‘Baby Yoda’ from The Mandalorian. After the release of the new show on Disney+, searches have spiked and merchandise (and memes) are being created left and right.

amazon product niches

This screenshot shows the uptick in searches for ‘baby yoda’ after The Mandalorian was first release, as well as the continued interest in it. You can also see related topics nand queries at the bottom. This kind of information is exactly what you’ll need to determine which Amazon product niches are possibly a good option and which are not. For an example of possibly a good product idea based on this information, you could find a Baby Yoda meme and have it printed on shirts to sell. There are plenty to choose from and they are super popular!

Look for other dedicated fandoms that have potential for merchandise you can create. As long as you can get your product listings in front of the fans, and the products are high-quality, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get sales!

Consult Some Lists

There are some great articles out there that have outlined some good product ideas for 2020. Our’s is here. It’s important to try not to exactly copy any of these products, but to use them as inspiration. You should use them to get you started researching Amazon product niches that interest you. This list even includes information on how to target people on Facebook, which would be vitally important when you start running ads on Facebook. EcomDash also created a great list of produch niches for 2020.

amazon product niches

Use A Tool

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool within Google AdWords that will help you discover new keywords and see the volume of keywords.

amazon product niches

After you’ve recovered from the ridicuously bright, colorful design, Unicorn Smasher will help you see information about products based on searches you perform on Amazon.

amazon product niches

AMZBase is a free product research tool you can use to find Amazon product niches easily and it has immediate access to other tools that will help in sourcing products.

amazon product niches

Helium10 offers a free plan, as well as paid options, and has a plethora of tools you can use for finding Amazon product niches, launching products, as well as other tasks.

It may seem like finding Amazon product niches is impossible because the marketplace is saturated, but there are still profitable products out there that few, or no, sellers are currently selling. With a little research, you should be able to find a product niche that interests you and will likely be profitable.

Happy Holidays and Happy Selling!

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