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Facebook Ads for Amazon Sellers

Using Facebook ads for Amazon products seems like a no brainer if you want to drive external traffic to your listings, but it can be difficult to figure out and finetune. With over a billion people actively using Facebook monthly, plus the additional 100 million people using Instagram who you can also target with Facebook Ads Manager, you’re missing out if you aren’t using Facebook ads to promote your products on Amazon.

facebook ads for amazon

The biggest difference between advertising your Amazon products on Facebook instead of on Amazon is that when you run an ad on Facebook customers will only see your advertised product in their feed, rather than seeing multiple products in a search results page like on Amazon. This is not to say your ad on Facebook will not be competing against other things for the customers’ attention, like those cat videos we all secretly can’t resist watching. But you won’t be competing head-to-head with competitors’ ads like on Amazon, which helps your product stand out to customers.

Facebook ads are also something a lot of Amazon Sellers overlook and instead prioritize advertising on Amazon. Because of this, you gain a competitive advantage since your competitors may not have a presence on Facebook or are using Facebook ads for their products. Rather than trying to stand out among similar products in search results on Amazon, a Facebook ad allows your product to be featured all on its own directly in the customers feed.

Plus, Facebook ads can be shared easily. So, if a customer really loves your ad, product, brand, etc. they can share your ad to their feed, which will increase your reach. So make sure your ads are compelling and share-worthy!

There are different types of ads you can use on Facebook to feature your products in different ways. If you sell multiple products and want to drive people to your storefront, you should look at doing a carousel ad that people can scroll through.

Another kind of Facebook ad is a video ad. This type of ad is great for showing how your product is used. You should consider using this type of ad if your customers would benefit from seeing a product demo to better understand how best to use your product. Sellers of beauty products, kitchen items, or apparel should try this kind of ad and see how it improves sales.

Another useful thing you can do in order to be successful at running Facebook ads for Amazon products is to use your Amazon buyer data to create customer audiences. You can find this buyer data in your Seller Central account. You will have to make some edits to the information before you can upload it to Facebook and you will only be able to pull 30 days of data at a time. If you want to use data from more than 30 days in the past, you can run the report multiple times and then combine all the information into one document.

Run the report by going to the Reports section of Seller Central and click on Fulfillment. Then go to the Sales tab in the Fulfillment Report. Click on Amazon Fulfillment Shipments, input the date range and click Request Download.

Once you have all of the reports downloaded and combined into one spreadsheet, you’ll need to clean up the information a bit and rename the columns. You’ll want to separate the customer names into first and last names, with one in each column. You can do this manually or use a formula or have a virtual assistant help. You’ll also need the city, state, and zip code, but that’s it.

Once this document is ready to go, you can upload it into Facebook’s Audience Manager. After it’s uploaded, you can start creating lookalike audiences to broaden the reach of your ads. Lookalike audiences are great for targeting people who are similar to the people who have already purchased your products. Facebook is really good at identifying people through lookalike audiences based on interests, buying habits, income level, etc. so you should definitely give this tactic a try for your Facebook ads for Amazon.

You can try a number of different strategies for your Facebook ads. You can promote special sales you’re running, ask people to sign up for your mailing list to receive coupon codes (reuse these emails to create more audiences for your Facebook ads!), announce product launches, etc. Just make sure you keep your creative assets (photos/videos) and copy fresh and engaging if you want people to keep interacting with your ads!

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