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Dealing with FBA Returns

When a customer is not satisfied with their order, Amazon gives them the option to return the item for free as long as they turn it in within 45 days. If the seller doesn’t return the item within the 45 days, Amazon guarantees they will reimburse the price of the item to the seller.

Dealing with FBA returns is fairly easy because it is Amazon’s job to oversee the return and determine if the product can be labeled as ‘ok to resell’. Sometimes sellers will agree with Amazon about the condition of an item without even seeing it and will allow Amazon to toss it. Taking that extra step to look over the product could save you money: the item indeed could be resellable.

How do I check my FBA returns?

To check your FBA returns you log into Seller Central and click on Reports → Fulfillment → FBA Customer Returns. Below is a picture of what it looks like when you reach the page.

fba returns

Does Amazon resell items from FBA returns?

This is a confusing topic because no one really knows the real answer, but it’s been said that Amazon does one of the three things below:

  1. If the item is brand new it returns back to their regular inventory

  2. If it isn’t, Amazon sells the item under the name “Amazon Warehouse Deals” and is usually sold as used

  3. If Amazon can’t do anything with it, they’ll send it back to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will take care of it, maybe refurbish it and sell it again.

How do I authorize an Amazon FBA return?

To authorize an Amazon request you will need to log into Seller Central and click on the ‘Order’ tab and click on Manage Returns. If you want to authorize a single request, you will need to select the request.

fba returns

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How do I get my inventory back from FBA returns?

Let’s say you get more than two or three returns on the same product that is in the warehouse. You might want to take everything back to avoid FBA returns that will affect your account health. To do so:

  1. Hover over ‘Inventory’ in Seller Central and click on ‘Manage FBA Inventory’.

  2. Select any item

  3. After selecting the items, select Create Removal Order from the action on the selected drop-down list.

  4. On the recommended Removal Report, click Begin Removal Process and make sure to ship it to your address.

Things to look out for when making a removal order for FBA returns:

  1. Save your Removal Order ID in case any problems show up

  2. Items cannot be shipped to another fulfillment center

  3. You can cancel a Removal Order if the status is ‘Planning’ or ‘Pending’ but not ‘Processing’.

  4. Cannot be shipped to PO boxes

Even though Amazon will reimburse you for an item if they file for a return and never return the product, things can go wrong. It’s best to check back on your FBA returns to keep up on the process. If you haven’t gotten the product or money for the return it is best to contact Amazon and inform them about the problem. You could be missing out on money that should be returned to you.

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