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Common Issues Amazon Sellers Face

New Amazon sellers tend to face a number of issues that could damage their selling career in the long run. In today’s post, we are going to discuss some of the common issues Amazon Sellers face, plus ways to fix the problem.

Common Issue #1: Registering For More Than One Account

One common issue Amazon Sellers face is having more than one seller account. If you are locked out of your account and try to make a new one using the same contact information or you get suspended and try to make a new account right after, chances are you are making it worse for yourself. If you end of getting locked out, take that extra time to either call support or send a ‘forgot password’ to your email to fix the problem. Trying to have two accounts at the same time is prohibited and that account will get shut down as well.

Common Issue #2: Choosing The Wrong Seller Type

Another common issue Amazon Sellers face is creating the wrong type of selling account. When starting off remember the difference between individual selling and professional selling. If you choose the wrong category you could get in trouble with Amazon. Click here to get a refresher on the rules.

Common Issue #3: Listing Mistakes

Making mistakes when creating or editing listings is another common issue Amazon Sellers face. The listing is an important aspect of the product and having errors in this area can severely plummet your sales. To read more on listing variation use and abuse, read our previous blog post for a better breakdown on it.

Common Issue #4: Offering Discounts & Paying For Reviews

Currently, a common issue Amazon sellers face is the temptation to pay for reviews. Paying for reviews is a quick way to get you suspended from selling on Amazon. Amazon only allows real, authentic reviews. They care about customer satisfaction above all else.

Common Issue #5: Selling Restricted Products

Selling restricted products is a common issue Amazon sellers face when trying to discover new products. Before you list a product, make sure to check Amazon’s restricted items list. If you don’t feel like checking the list every time, you can also download the Amazon Seller app that allows you to search a product and will tell you if something is restricted, which make everything a lot easier.

Another common issue Amazon Sellers face is whether or not the product is in a ‘new’ condition. Sometimes brands allow you to sell refurbished or used products instead of new.

Sellers should research thoroughly before selling on Amazon to avoid these common issues. Amazon has many rules and regulations to follow and if you mess up once it could cost you your account you were so excited to open. Sellozo covers many topics that range from selling clothing on Amazon to learning about Amazon taxes to product photography and so much more. Check out our other posts to see how you can avoid the common mistakes sellers make!

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