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Best Selling Pet Products on Amazon

Updated: Jun 1

Did you know that 35% of pet owners are Millennials? In today’s society, it’s all about finding the best toys, food and accessories to enhance their furry friends’ life. Let’s get into some of the best selling pet products on Amazon.  


The more we learn about what should and shouldn’t be in our food, the more we look for healthier options. The same goes with pet food. Healthier pet food options are currently some of the best selling pet products on Amazon. A lot of foods that were used 5-6 years ago are labeled as unhealthy now. Many kinds of pet food is very high in sodium, contains extreme amounts of vitamin D, etc. If you plan on getting into selling pet food, make sure you are using the right ingredients, especially if you are going to label it as ‘healthier’. Below are a couple of examples of trending pet food on Amazon.

With a bit of research, you may find these pet food brands on the ‘bad’ list. As mentioned earlier, if you get into selling pet food, try to sell a healthier option. By doing this, you are putting yourself ahead of your competitors. Become number one by not only differentiating yourself, but by also providing a better, healthier food option for their pets.   


Keeping pets entertained is important, so it’s no wonder toys for pets are some of the best selling pet products on Amazon. There are remote-controlled toys, pull toys, chew toys, hygienic toys and so much more. Pet toys are often used to help with pet boredom while also helping get pets some exercise. This ensures that pet toys will always be trending. Selling in the pet toy category is great because pet owners are always looking for new ways to keep their pet occupied. Below are some trending toys on Amazon.


Treats go into the same category as food but serve a different purpose than regular pet food. When selling pet treats, you want to make sure you are going for treats that are healthy and aren’t filled with toxic ingredients. People have become more vigilant about what they are giving their pets. So just like with pet food: if you are planning on selling treats on Amazon, think about opting for a healthier option..fusion-gallery-5 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}

Pet Toiletry 

Pet toiletry products are great products to sell on Amazon, especially if you go the ‘eco-friendly’ way.  If you’ve read our previous blog post on trending items for 2020, you know that eco-friendly products are going to be big this year. Because of this, eco-friendly pet toiletry items are some of the best selling pet products on Amazon right now. Below are some of the top selling pet toiletry products.

Pet Grooming 

Last but not least we have pet grooming products. Pet grooming items are some of the best selling pet products on Amazon because they offer a cheaper way to keep pets looking great by grooming them at home rather than taking them to the vet or a groomer. Below are some of the best selling pet grooming products.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the best selling pet products on Amazon I hope you find it helpful. If you’re thinking about selling in the pet category, don’t be afraid. There is always room for healthier products. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list so you never miss a post!


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