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Amazon Title SEO

The Amazon Title is the most important part of the listing. If your title isn’t optimized to it’s full potential, this may be the reason you are having troubles with sales and reviews. The title is one of the first things customers look at when they are searching for products. The title should include the following:

  1. Brand name 

  2. Size of the product

  3. Color of the product 

  4. Use of the product

  5. Product features that differentiate your product from others

  6. Quantity of your product (if applicable)  

By adding this to your title, you are improving the Amazon title SEO for the product. Below is an example of bad listings on Amazon. The listing is extremely short, doesn’t include knife features, doesn’t include the use of product or the size of the knives. Now you may be thinking ‘why would a knife set need a use of product description?’. There are many different knives that are for many different things. For example there are bread knives, meat knives, carving knives, chef knives, etc. So if you are selling a specific knife set and didn’t mention the use of the product in the title, this may be a reason your product is performing poorly..fusion-gallery-1 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}

amazon title seo

When focusing on your Amazon title SEO, you want to use relevant keywords that relate to your product. Avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing will do the complete opposite. Keyword stuffing tends to look spammy and that won’t get you clicks on your product, it will push your product back to the last page of search results, and no one wants that. Focus on keywords that are relatable, keep it appealing and clear. Think of your Amazon title as a search in Google. If your title doesn’t match what the customer is searching for, then your product won’t show up.  

Below are a couple of  examples of good listings, so good one of them has the Amazon’s Choice Badge!  What makes these listing great? They include the brand, product detail, quantity, use, color or material type and quality. These listings stand out because they have a clear description of the product before the customer even clicks on the product. This is an example of what your listing should look like and keywords that relate to the product..fusion-gallery-2 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}

amazon title seo

Below are some of the FBA product title requirements. These are the four main criteria for product titles.

  1. Title  must not exceed 200 characters, including spaces

  2. Titles must not contain promotional phrases, such as ‘free shipping’, ‘100% quality guaranteed’. 

  3. Titles must not contain characters for decoration, such as ~!*?<>#* etc. 

  4. Title must contain product, identifying information, such as ‘hiking boots’ or ‘umbrella’. 

If you are having trouble coming up with your own product title, try looking at your competition and figure out what’s working for them and how you can incorporate that into your product. You could also follow the Amazon title formulas. These can also be helpful for your Amazon title SEO. Below is an example pulled from Let’s say you have a product in the cookware, cutlery category. Below is an example of a title formula. 

Cookware, Cutlery

Style: Brand + Line + Size+ Product Type

Example: Calphalon Professional Hard-Anodized 8-1/2-Quart Saucier with Lid

Example: Sabatier Precision 14-Piece Stainless-Steel Knife Block Set

Another example for those who sell bedding:


Style for Sheets, Mattress Pads, Blankets: Brand + Line/Pattern + Thread Count + Material + Size + Product Type, Color

Example: Wamsutta Luxury 400-Thread-Count Sateen Queen Sheet Set, Halo

For more information on SEO for your product listing that includes how to optimize your product description, backend search terms and images, read our post Amazon SEO: Tips and Tricks you should be using.

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