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Amazon Sponsored Brands

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Brands on Amazon are allowed to advertise their brand on search results that are related to the products they sell. This is called Amazon Sponsored Brands. For example let’s say you sell home decor, your brand along with a couple of products, would be displayed right under the search bar like the picture below. The ads can also be displayed alongside or within the search results.

Being able to advertise your product on a search result page that is related to your products helps generate recognition for your brand and product portfolio. Amazon states that it can be set up in 4 easy steps.

Choose the products you want to advertise → Create and customize your ad → decide which keywords to target and how much you want to bid for clicks → submit your ad for review. It will be reviewed within 72 hours.

To be able to use Amazon Sponsored Brands you have to be a professional seller enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, book vendors and agencies. It is not available for individual sellers.

amazon sponsored brands

Why Should I Use Amazon Sponsored Brands?

Advertising generates brand loyalty. When customers see things repeatedly like Amazon Sponsored Brands, they become exposed to the brand and gain knowledge about the brand that will eventually lead to a sale. This will increase your company traffic, give your company a positive image, attract new customers, puts you at the top of your competition and keeps continuous business.

Amazon Sponsored Brands are cost per click which means you only pay for how many clicks you get on the ad. So you can easily set a budget for your brand and figure out what works best for you.

Amazon allows sellers to advertise thousands of products but there are some limitations. Amazon does not allow sponsored brands to advertise adult products, used products, refurbished products, and products in closed categories.

Overall, this is a great and easy way to get your products in front of the people by advertising directly to them while they are searching for it. You gain new customers while staying within your budget.


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