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Amazon Seller Conferences To Check Out In 2020

Amazon Seller Conferences allow you to  stay updated with product trends, meet high end and lower end sellers, learn new things about Amazon itself and so much more. These conferences allow you to showcase your product or brand to thousands of shoppers and sellers.

These conferences are a way for you to meet actual people. There are thousands of blogs, webinars, videos and articles on how to sell on Amazon, better your business and so on, but sometimes you need more than just an article to read or a video to watch. Sometimes it’s better to hear from sellers in person, where it can be a lot easier to get your questions answered.

Below is a list of Amazon Seller Conferences for 2020:

New York, NY

January 12 – 14th, 2020

The NRF is having a conference January 12-14 in 2020. It is one of the largest retail conferences and expos with 38,000 attendees, 16,000 retailers, 800 exhibitors and 99 countries. The NRF states that you will be able to meet visionary people, hear visionary ideas, experience visionary tech and leave with a clearer vision. Learn more about pass types by clicking here. 

Brooklyn, NY

January 15th, 2020

amazon seller conferences

ASGTG is having an Amazon seller meetup January 15th 2020 in Brooklyn, NY. This event is an all day event that connects people with top sellers, Amazon experts, speakers and others who are striving in the Amazon marketplace. For more information about tickets, click here.

Las Vegas, NV

March 22 – 25th, 2020

A full week of events. 45,000 buyers, 2,700 vendors, 1,000,000 product lines, 19 merchandise categories, 95+ educational opportunities and 400+ new vendors. At this event you can grow your business, find what you need and make connections. Find out more about registration by clicking here.

Las Vegas, NV

March 23 – 25th, 2020

The Prosper Show is an amazing seller conference for Amazon sellers. You can access 100+ leading solution and service providers in the exhibit hall, and network with 1000+ peers from the top tier of Amazon sellers, and you can also connect with 40 speakers, including more former Amazon experts than any other event. Find out more about tickets by clicking here. 

Check out our Instagram post from last years event! And don’t forget to find us at the Sellozo booth this year!

amazon seller conferences

Use code: EXIV848450 for $100 off your tickets!

Las Vegas, NV

March 22 – 25th, 2020

Shoptalk is another conference for Amazon sellers that takes place in Las Vegas. Over 8,000 individuals attend this event each year. There are retailers, brands, startups, tech companies, investors and so many more people that attend this conference. Learn about tickets by clicking here. 

Las Vegas, NV

March 29 – April 2nd, 2020

“Over 3,000 business leaders, innovative retailers, expert agencies, and technical developers connect each year to shape the commerce industry. As a recent addition to Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento brings its Imagine community to Adobe Summit. The commerce customer experience is even more powerful as these two audiences come together.” For more information about tickets, click here.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

May 6th – 8th, 2020

“It’s more like an intense 2 day e-commerce workshop. After all, would you rather come to an event and listen to a bunch of random entrepreneurs tell inspiring stories about their past or would you rather come away with real, actionable strategies that will actually make you money? The Sellers Summit is the ultimate “e-commerce learning experience” where you will get inspired not by stories, but by gaining all of the knowledge required to run your own successful e-commerce business. My goal is to teach you in two days what most people struggle to learn in months, if not years.”

Click here to learn about tickets. If you cannot travel, they also have virtual tickets. virtual tickets. 

Chicago, IL

June 9th – 11th, 2020

This conference will have over 130 sessions covering many topics and trends. They will include small and large retailers as well.

“Our agenda is created in part with the editorial experts from Internet Retailer magazine, so you know all the latest and greatest in the e-commerce industry will be covered here. With multiple tracks and in-depth workshops covering topics that matter to you, your most perfect agenda yet is waiting.” To find out about pricing, click here.

Austin, TX

July 16 – 18th, 2020

amazon seller conferences

SellerCon is said to be a full 3 day event of sessions presented by people who have actually sold on Amazon. One of the cool features about this conference is if you don’t get to attend you have an option to download the conference. Last years event includes 36 video recordings, 33 PDF downloads and tactics that will work. Details about pricing will be released soon.

Minneapolis, MN

July 17 – 18th, 2020

amazon seller conferences

This conference isn’t only for Amazon Sellers, but eBay and Etsy as well. In this conference you will learn about new tactics, rules of selling on different platforms and how to grow your business. You will have the opportunity to network with sellers, vendors, exports and much more. Click here for ticket information.

With so many awesome Amazon Seller conferences coming up in 2020, you are sure to find one near you that will help you grow your Amazon business.

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