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Amazon Secret Field: Subject Matter Field

Amazon has some secret fields that not many sellers are aware of. One of these Amazon Secret Fields is the Subject Matter field. This field is under-utilized by Amazon Sellers because they typically do not know it’s there, or if they notice it, they don’t know what it’s for, how to use it, and if they should be using. For those sellers that are not using it, they are missing out on an opportunity to get their product listings indexed for keywords.

Check out this video for a quick overview of the Subject Matter field:

Amazon Secret Field: Subject Matter Field

The Subject Matter field is found on Amazon Seller Central within the product listing, specifically under the ‘Keywords’ tab. On the ‘Keywords’ tab, you’ll notice several text boxes where you can enter in additional information about your product. The ‘Subject Matter’ text box is the third field from the bottom of this page.

amazon secret field

You can click the ‘Add More’ button to add up to five text boxes. You can add up to 50 characters in each of these text boxes. Your best bet for getting the most out of thi Amazon Secret Field is to figure out which keywords you want to be indexed for (aka show up in search results) that you are not able to insert into other places like your title, bullet points, description, etc. Then whittle those down to 50 characters or less for each text box and add them into the Subject Matter field.

amazon secret field

For an example of how this works, regardless of if your keywords are directly applicable to your product or not, check out this article. It details an experiment conducted using this Amazon Secret Field, resulting in their product listing for a blanket ranking for the search term ‘guacamole.’ The article also explains how keywords that contain brand names (adidas, Nike, Mrs. Buttersworth, etc.) will not be indexed, so steer clear of brand names to avoid wasting valuable characters on keywords you will not get indexed for.

Now, with that said, there is something to be said for relevancy. As stated in the article, relevancy does play a part in the whole keyword ranking game on Amazon, so consider that when selecting the keywords you’ll be placing the Subject Matter field. It’s important to rank for keywords that are applicable to your product so you are helping customers who are likely to purchase your product find it. In the article, they tested a lot of keywords in the Subject Matter field to see what would index, but in reality, most sellers are not going to use this Amazon Secret Field to be indexed for irrelevant search terms.

If someone is searching for ‘guacamole’ and come across your product listing for a blanket in their search results, it is unlikely they will click on your product listing and purchase it. Sure, it is possible they may randomly decide they need a blanket to keep warm while munching on some chips and gucamole, but most of the time this is not going to be the case.

If you are not using this Amazon Secret Field, you could be missing out on having your product listing index for even more keywords. This means you are missing opportunities to show up in even more customer searches on Amazon. Check out the Subject Matter field for each of your product listings and make sure you add in some keywords. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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