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Amazon Product SEO

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization is defined as increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a listing, website, blog, etc. Amazon product SEO is doing the same thing but bringing that traffic to your product.

Amazon is similar to Google and uses an algorithm to determine which products show up when you perform a search. Relevant keywords are going to obviously put your listing on the first page of the search.

The first step in perfecting your Amazon product SEO is optimizing your product listing. For a more detailed explanation on how it helps your ranking, you can click here to read the blog post we have over optimizing your product listing. Another important factor for Amazon product SEO is keywords.

Keywords are used to describe your product and also makes it easier to find your product. For instance, if you are looking for a mirror on Amazon you would simply type in ‘mirror’ in the search bar, or if you want to be more specific you can type in ‘floor mirror’, ‘square mirror’, ‘full length mirror’ and Amazon will search through listings and find products that have those keywords. So if you don’t fully-optimize your listing by adding specific or relevant keywords, your listing could be hidden from the algorithm.

Below are five things that you can look over and edit to help improve your Amazon product SEO & your product ranking.

Product Title

The product title is what most people read when they are looking for a product. If the customer isn’t sure if it’s the product they are looking for they might read the description but most people don’t make it to that step. If you don’t have keywords in your product title, chances are the customer won’t even click on your listing. If they are viewing on the first search page, they don’t want to go through the struggle of clicking on a product and reading through the page. Most people view on the search page and usually click on a product and read through it if it’s worth it and matches what they are looking for. So if you don’t have the first thing people look at, filled out, chances are this is hurting your Amazon Product ranking, also hurting your Amazon product SEO pushing you farther behind on the search pages.

Below is an example of a good product title versus a bad one. The bad listing (left) has no keywords in the listing besides ‘bamboo dish rack’. It looks like it’s collapsible like the other ones that were listed right next to it but the product title doesn’t explain if it is. The good listing (right) has almost 6 times more reviews than the one on the left, and a part of that could be because they took the time to fill out the product listing. How many people do you think will choose the product on the left over the one on the right?.fusion-gallery-1 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}

amazon product seo

amazon product seo


If you constantly have products that run out of stock, chances are Amazon’s algorithm will send your listing to the back of search results. Amazon cares about the customers’ needs, so why would they rank a product on the first page that is constantly out of stock and also takes forever to replenish when there are sellers who keep everything in stock at all times. Yes, accidents and inconveniences do matter, but if you quickly resolve the problem and avoid making it a habit, it may not hurt your Amazon product SEO ranking.

amazon product seo


Products that aren’t extremely overpriced have a better chance of ranking higher in Amazon product SEO. Products with higher sales tend to do better on Amazon’s ranking search list. Think about it, if you have a product that is fairly priced you have a better chance of getting a purchase rather than someone who has the same product but listing it twice as much, especially if they are the only one with a super high price. Think reasonably and look at the competition when coming up with a price for your product..fusion-gallery-2 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}

amazon product seo

amazon product seo


Images make a huge difference in a product listing. Although this might not be the exact reason why it might hurt your Amazon product SEO, it can hurt your unit session percentage, pushing your product further back and putting it in the group of products that people don’t spend time looking at. This can then cause you to be kicked off of Amazon’s algorithm. Make sure your listing has clear photos that show the product in all ways possible. You can include things like:

  1. The measurements

  2. Different sides of the product

  3. How the product looks while being used

  4. Color variations.fusion-gallery-3 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}

amazon product seo

amazon product seo

Customer Questions

One of the most helpful parts of the listing is the customer questions section. People will always have questions about a product, no matter how well the product listing is filled out. Amazon provides a Q&A section that allows customers to ask questions about the product. This new feature of the listing is another way to utilize Amazon product SEO. Make sure to answer all questions in a timely matter. Some people may have the same question and can be answered by checking the Q&A section.

After reading this, it should help you look over your listing and make changes to help your listing rank high in the Amazon Algorithm. These are important factors that help your Amazon product SEO, so take the time to make your listing perfect.

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