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Amazon PPC Hacks

Amazon PPC is a pay-per-click advertising method that is exactly what it sounds like. You only pay for what people click on. If you have an ad under the search term ‘toothbrush’ and a potential customer clicks on it, you have to pay for that click.

When advertising on Amazon, you want to keep your ACoS down. The higher the number, the more money you are spending on advertising. Here are some Amazon PPC hacks to help you run more profitable and successful campaigns.

Amazon PPC Hack #1

When looking at keywords for your product, try to focus on using more relatable keywords. For example, if you were to sell reusable silicone boba straws and you are looking for keywords and you come up with:

  1. “Straws”

  2. “Reusable straws”

  3. “Eco friendly straws”

Look at your product and look for something that is relatable to your product. Be more specific:

  1. “Boba straws”

  2. “Reusable silicone boba straws”

  3. “Eco friendly silicone boba straws”

  4. “Silicone reusable boba straws”

  5. “Eco friendly straws for boba”

Using long tail keywords makes the search more specific to the product you are advertising. By doing this you are focusing on search terms that customers are looking for specifically instead of using keywords that are broad.

Amazon PPC Hack #2

While using hack #1, you want to make sure you are using separate ad groups. If you were to do this all in one, you wouldn’t know which keywords are working well together and which ones aren’t. Try doing 3 different keyword match types and keep track of their performances. This will make it easier to determine what is working and what isn’t.

Amazon PPC Hack #3

Make sure your keywords are in your product listing. You want your ads to match your listing. Why? Because it becomes familiar with the customer. It also shows Amazon that your ad is relevant to your listing.

Amazon PPC Hack #4

Remember to focus on negative keywords as well. Negative keywords help your ads stay in related categories. Let’s use the Boba Straw example. A negative keyword you could use reusable boba straws could be:

  1. ‘Plastic boba straws’

  2. ‘Plastic straws’

  3. ‘Metal boba straws’

  4. ‘Boba cups’

This is just a short list of keywords you could use to avoid your product or ad showing up in these areas. You lessen the chance of your product being grouped with the wrong category. By using negative keywords it can also help you save a lot of money. It will refine your campaigns, allowing your product to show up in the right areas. By doing this, you are avoiding clicks that have nothing to do with your product.

Amazon PPC Hack #5 

Bid on keywords that your competitors are using. When bidding on the keywords your competitors are using, you want to make sure you are bidding on the best performing ones. By doing this you are ensuring that your product will be put in the same category as your competitors.

I hope these hacks are helpful with your Amazon PPC budget. If you are not quite sure about your keywords, you can always run an automatic campaign with a low budget. By doing this you can see what kind of keywords are used and create a manual campaign and go off of those keywords. Remember that seeing results for different keywords may take a couple of weeks. Be patient and you may get the results you want.

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