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Amazon Lifestyle Photos

If you shop on Amazon for any kind of lifestyle products, then you’re familiar with their lifestyle type photos that are included in many product photos on Amazon. Lifestyle photos are photos that are shot in ‘real life’ environments to give the customer a feel on how the product might look in their home. 

Did you know that Amazon has their own Lifestyle account on Instagram? This account features hundreds of customers and influencers posting their photos, using Amazon products in real life. This page is something you should look at often to get some inspiration for your own product photos. Click this link to view the page! 

Let’s look at some examples of Amazon lifestyle photos:

amazon lifestyle photos

if you were looking for a new knife set for your kitchen or a new throw blanket for your living room, you will see product photos of someone in the kitchen chopping vegetables or you would see the blanket thrown over a couch.These are both great Amazon lifestyle photos because it shows how the product would be used.  

Lifestyle photos can be more effective than regular photos of  products on a white background. Why? Because it’s more relatable to the customer. For example, compare the two products below. One is shown on a couch while the other is on a plain, white background.

amazon lifestyle photos

amazon lifestyle photos

I am not saying that you shouldn’t have either photo, but it is best to include both! You want to give the customer variety. One to see what the product looks like without a distractive background, and photos that show the product in action. Having both will heighten the chances of the customer actually buying the product. 80%+ of customers base their purchases off of reviews. If your product photo is similar to how it would look in one of your customers home, then they are more likely to purchase the product.

Now that you know what Amazon lifestyle photos are, let’s talk about how you can take them yourself.

You don’t have to have a fancy camera to take lifestyle photos. Smartphones now have great quality. Smartphones even have a portrait option on a lot of phones that give you the option to add depth to your photos, which makes the photo very similar to a DSLR. So if you only have your smartphone you are perfectly fine, but if you have a DSLR already you can use that as well.

When thinking of ways you want to showcase your product, think about your review photos. How are people using your product? If you haven’t listed the product yet, you could head over to your competitors listing and look at their customer reviews. Take notes on where the majority of the people are using it. For example, let’s say you sell tea on Amazon. If you check the customer reviews and photos and customers are saying that the tea is great for a hair rinse, you could take that into consideration when brainstorming ideas for your product photos. 

Before you get started, plan out everything you need for the photoshoot. You can even incorporate props to really make the product photos stand out.

A couple of other things you want to incorporate in your product photos:

  1. Neutral backgrounds 

  2. Stylish props 

  3. Location 

  4. Textured backgrounds 

  5. Close-up shots to show texture of product

Depending on your product, lifestyle product photos are extremely easy to take. If you are selling products on Amazon that are in the home, kitchen, bathroom, toys categories, then you can take these photos in your own home.

If you sell a product that would be hard to shoot in your own home, you could always check your local coworking spaces, rent a studio for a day or you can even hire someone to take the photos for you if those options don’t work for you.

If you plan on hiring a lifestyle photographer, check out some options below!

When thinking about your Amazon lifestyle photos, you want to make sure the products are high quality and  easy to understand for the customer. For example, if you sell instant pot accessories, you don’t want to use photos of a person smiling next to their instant pot accessory box, make the person open the box and use the product, take photos of them while they are using it.

If you sell motorcycle helmets, include variety. Take photos of the person in front of a white backdrop while also including photos of the person using the helmet on a motorcycle. This will really get the customer engaged!

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