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Amazon IP Accelerator

The Amazon IP Accelerator is a program that offers brands worldwide help in obtaining intellectual property rights and brand protection in Amazon’s stores quickly and efficiently. This program was created specifically for small and medium businesses in mind. It’s a way for Amazon to help small brand owners fight counterfeits.

This program allows Amazon to connect you with the most trusted IP law firms that provide high quality and reliable trademark registrations for a discounted price. These law firms help businesses secure a trademark at very competitive rates. Now you may be thinking, this sounds great but what does it cost for me to join? Nothing.

The Amazon IP accelerator is a free program offered by Amazon. You do not get charged a fee for Amazon to connect you with law firms. But, when you get connected to a firm you will have to pay the firm directly.  Amazon states that it is available to brands worldwide but with law firms based in the US that can serve clients in several languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Italian and Portuguese. Amazon states that they plan to expand to law firms and trademark offices in other countries.

amazon ip accelerator

Benefits That Come With The Amazon IP Accelerator Program

Once Amazon connects you with a law firm, you will be invited to enroll in Brand Registry and you will have access to the following:

  1. Proactive brand protections:

  2. Amazon will use the information that you provide about your brand to implement protections that attempt to proactively identify and remove potentially bad listings that could harm your brand and our customers.

  3. Powerful search and report tools:

  4.  You will have access to the Report a Violation tool that provides text and image based searching capabilities and simplifies the process of reporting potential infringement (e.g., common law trademark infringement) with multiple features designed specifically for brands.

  5. Other brand-building benefits:

  6. You will be able to further build and grow your business on Amazon by taking advantage of powerful tools designed for brands such as Enhanced Brand Content product detail pages, Brand Stores, Sponsored Brands, and the Brand Dashboard.

When you get accepted, you will receive an email from Amazon, inviting you to enroll in brand registry. When you are done enrolling, you will automatically be enrolled in the automated brand protections.

(Information pulled from

Amazon’s pre-negotiation rates from the IP law firms include:

  1. $500 for:

  2. High-level search of trademark office records for relevant pending applications or registrations

  3. $1,800 for:

  4. A comprehensive brand review including trademark office records and unregistered uses

  5. $600 for:

  6. Filing a US trademark application (plus govt. fees)

If you want to view the actual firms, you can click here. On this page you will find providers that specialize in trademark and copyright. You can also filter down your search to local providers, provider language, and average customer reviews. Another cool feature about this site is that you can filter what kind of service you need help with. You can choose from:

  1. Account management

  2. Accounting

  3. Advertising Optimization (click here to see what we offer!)

  4. Cataloging

  5. Compliance

  6. Enhanced Brand Content

  7. FBA Preparation

  8. Imaging

  9. International Returns

  10. International Shipping

  11. IP Accelerator

  12. Storage

  13. Taxes

  14. Training

  15. Translation

Remember the Amazon IP Accelerator program is free to use for those that are either looking into selling or selling on Amazon already!

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