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Amazon Giveaways: How They Help Drive Sales

Amazon giveaways allow sellers to create buzz around their listing/products but also allows you to reward your customers by giving it away for free. Doing giveaways can also help you gain shoppers. How? Think about giveaways you see online whether its Facebook or Instagram. You might get a notification from a friend that tagged you in a giveaway, now you know about it. Or, you are scrolling through your social media and see a giveaway and decide to tag one of your friends and now they are a part of the giveaway. There are also other giveaways. Amazon giveaways happen everyday, with products being given away from thousands of sellers. When people hear ‘free’ or ‘giveaway’ it goes around fast and people tune in to participate.

According to Amazon’s website, Amazon giveaways:

  1. Grow your customers

  2. Increase loyalty

  3. Promote Products

  4. Drive Sales

  5. Create Fun Experiences

If you use the Amazon app on your phone then you may have seen what Amazon giveaways look like. Below is an example of how it works. .fusion-gallery-1 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}

amazon giveaways

amazon giveaways

amazon giveaways

Giveaways are usually located in the middle of the home page and will either show a product or a mystery box. Once you click ‘enter for a chance to win’ it will bring you to the product and a box that says ‘tap to see if you win’. After tapping the box, it will dance a little and finally open resulting in if you win or not. After showing the results there will be a button that reads ‘click to see all giveaways’ and it will bring you to a never ending list of giveaways. Another great thing with giveaways is that if the person doesn’t win they have the option to buy the product with a discount code (If you allow one). It can range from 60-15%, is what I’ve seen so far.

Setting up your giveaway is extremely easy. Amazon states ‘Sellers can start in Seller Central from this page. All others should look on the product detail page and locate the ‘Set up an Amazon Giveaways’ section near the bottom of the page’. This is what it looks like from your seller account. There is no extra costs to run giveaways so you can do them with whatever product you feel like giving away. The only thing you pay for is the estimated sales tax and shipping fee. One thing to keep in mind is when creating a giveaway, make sure to have all information correct before submitting it. You are not allowed to go in and edit the giveaway. If you want to maximize the amount of people who see your giveaways, you should set your giveaways to ‘public’. This will allow all Amazon customers to participate.

Setting up Amazon giveaways is easy and will definitely get your products out there. You can find out more information here. Good luck!

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