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Amazon Frustration Free Packaging

In 2008, Amazon introduced an innovative design that would not only make it easier for customers, but it is also designed to reduce waste and delight customers with 100% recyclable packaging. Amazon states that they work with manufacturers to box products that are certified in frustration free packaging. Well, what is it?

Amazon devised this program to make it easier for customers to open packaging without the risk of hurting themselves. Thick packaging can be annoying to open. Below is a short video to show the difference between regular packaging vs frustration free packaging.

If you are part of the Frustration-Free Packaging Program, your products are shipped to customers in its own packaging without the need for additional Amazon packaging. The packaging is the right size, reduces damages, is made of recyclable packaging materials and is easier to open. Amazon’s program mentions:

  1. Designed to reduce waste

  2. Right size and ships without extra Amazon packaging

  3. Lab tested protective design

  4. Certified to minimize damage

  5. Recyclable packaging materials

  6. 100% curbside recyclable

  7. Easy to open

  8. No plastic clamshells, no wire ties

Is every package frustration free?

Not every package from Amazon is shipped in this kind of packaging but Amazon has over 75,000 products that participate in the program. Amazon has eliminated over 215,000 tons of packaging material and has also avoided 360 million shipping boxes.

How to get my items shipped with frustration free packaging?

To be able to participate in the program, you have to contact Amazon and fill out a form to provide your product details to be approved. For more information on the program, here are a couple of links:

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