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Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Reviews are a big deal on Amazon, not just for customers trying to decide what to buy, but for Amazon Sellers who depend on reviews to entice customers to buy their products. Without reviews, product listings suffer in sales ranking because the algorithm rewards listings that have lots of high ratings. One problem many sellers have, especially when launching a new product, is getting reviews. But when you launch a new product and people don’t know about it and how great it is, how can sellers get reviews to help boost its ranking? The Amazon Early Reviewer Program could be the answer!

What is the Amazon Early Reviewer Program?

Getting those first several reviews for new products is tough. The Amazon Early Reviewer Program helps sellers get more reviews for their new products by encouraging customers who have purchased new products to leave an honest review. Amazon will randomly select and contact people who have purchased the products participating in the program and ask them to leave a review with their thoughts about the product. Customers will receive a small gift card to apply towards future Amazon purchases. These gift cards are usually between $1-$3.

amazon early reviewers program

How Much Does It Cost?

For each product Amazon Sellers sign up for the Amazon Early Reviewer Program will cost $60 plus any applicable taxes. Each product includes all SKUs that are covered by a parent ASIN or any stand-alone SKUs. Amazon will automatically reject any products that already have too many reviews. Once you get a review through the program, you will be charged. Amazon will continue to invite customers to leave reviews for your new product for up to one year after you sign up, or until your product receives 5 reivews through the program. If your product receives no reviews after one year, you will not be charged.

Is The Amazon Early Reviewer Program Worth It?

The general consensus I’ve read in Facebook groups and on other articles about the Amazon Early Reviewers Program is that it is worth the money. Some sellers swear by it for new product launches, while others experienced less than desireable results. It can take time to get reviews, even through this program, and the reviews are not guaranteed to be good. There is no guarantee you will get all 5 reviews. So you could pay the $60+ and only end up with one review or even some bad reviews.

Your best bet is to make sure your product is high-quality, offers lots of awesome features and benefits, and that your product listing is optimized before trying to get reviews!

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