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Amazon Coupons: How to Set Them Up

What are Amazon Coupons?

Amazon Coupons are discounts that are added by sellers that show near the ‘add to cart’ button. Sometimes it can range from 5% to 15% depending on the product. Depending on the product you are searching for, their will be a category underneath the search bar that says ‘deals and coupons’ which will show all discounted items and items that have coupons.

amazon coupons

Where Do I Find Amazon Coupons On a Product Page?

Below is an example of where an Amazon coupon would be located. It’s pretty simple, you click the box and it will turn into a check mark to show you that the coupon will be applied during checkout.

amazon coupons

Below is what you see when you click ‘details’ to read more about it..fusion-gallery-1 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}

amazon coupons

amazon sponsored brands

amazon coupons

How do I create a Coupon?

To create a coupon code for Amazon you need to log into

Seller Central → click on Advertising → select coupon.

amazon coupons

There will me a menu on the left side, here you will search for your products and choose which one you want for the coupon. Click ‘add coupon’. After you click add coupon, the item will move to the right side of the screen.

After that, click ‘continue’ to the next step. Here, you can choose between percentage off or money off. The minimum is 5% and the maximum is 80%.

Below is a note from Amazon that states when you offer Amazon coupons, anything else that is running with the product will still be discounted as well. So make sure to double check your product before adding a coupon.

What If I Don’t See an Amazon Coupon Section Under Advertising? 

According to a thread here in Seller Central, if you don’t have a coupon tab then you are not a professional seller. After extensive research, it has not been verified by Amazon but it seems many sellers are having the same issue and they are all individual sellers as seen in the thread mentioned above. Another problem may be the amount of products you have sold. If you haven’t sold anything chances are you wont have that tab either.

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