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Remarketing Ads for Amazon Sellers

Remarketing ads are a way to get a customer back to your website or product after they’ve clicked off the page. e-Commerce stores lose about 75% of its sales to cart abandonment. But, there is a way to get them back to your product.

Before launching remarketing ads, look at your analytics and figure out what you are trying to improve with your current ads. Was your click rate lower on some ads and higher on others? What was the difference between the two ads? Is the message clear? Are you putting our ads in the correct place?

These are simple questions that can help you redirect your remarketing ads in the right direction.

Optimizing Your Remarketing Ads

Optimizing your ads to fit your product listing is one way you could remarket your products. Let’s say you are selling tea. In your listing, you have the many benefits listed in the description describing what the tea is good for and how it can help with certain health issues. If you have an ad that doesn’t relate to any of those benefits but you’re advertising to people that are looking for a tea with benefits, they are less likely to click on the ad because it has nothing to do with what they’re interested in it. Now let’s say you edit the ad and add a couple of benefits to it, if this person sees it and its benefits, they are more likely to click on it.

Video Remarketing Ads

If you are not seeing enough traffic from your remarketing ads, you could try video ads. Videos are becoming a major trend for marketing this year. Amazon offers video ads in many different areas of the website. Video ads on Amazon are extremely helpful, not only because it is a major trend this year, Amazon allows your video ad to be seen on their website, mobile apps and the Amazon Fire tablet wake screen. So you can advertise your products. Using this to remarket your products is great because you’ve turned your ad into a video ad, which will essentially catch the customer’s eye.

Duration of Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads to the same customer may seem like a great idea, but if it is shown too often it can become annoying to the customer. The duration of the ad depends on your product. Is your product something that can be bought frequently? If so then you should show the ad to the same customer frequently, especially if its a product that is needed every month or so. Products or items that are bought once or ever so often shouldn’t have ads running to the same customers frequently. The more they see it, the more they ignore it.

It has been stated that Amazon is launching a retargeting ad product. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is testing a remarketing ads product that will allow its merchants to target shoppers on third-party websites and apps. This will be major for Amazon sellers. They will have the chance to remarket their products on other websites other than Amazon. It has been hard for sellers to remarket since Google doesn’t allow sellers to promote their products. Google wants you to have your own website when running campaigns, and since you are selling on Amazon, it’s technically their website not yours so you are not allowed to run product campaigns. But this problem may be resolved with Amazon’s remarketing ads product.

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