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Writing a Good Amazon Sponsored Brand Headline

An Amazon sponsored brand headline is the most important piece of any part of an ad. If your Amazon sponsored brand headlines lack effort, it doesn’t matter what product you’re promoting because it will not grab the reader’s attention. Think about the ads you see online or the headlines you read. Would you be more willing to read? Something that says:

New burrito restaurant coming to town this weekend


New restaurant offering free burritos for the first 25 customers, this weekend only!

It’s your choice of words that will make or break your headline. You may have thought to put the ‘25 customers, free burritos’ inside the article, but why not do both and grab the customers attention from the beginning? Let’s get into some tips on how to write a good headline for a sponsored brand ad on Amazon.  

Keywords for an Amazon Sponsored Brand Headline

As mentioned above, your choice of words will make or break your headline. When brainstorming what to include, think about your keywords. Think about the most common words that relate to your brand and try to incorporate it in your Amazon sponsored brand headline. Let’s say you have a sock brand, but your socks are advertised to diabetics. You can include the keyword ‘non-irritating’ like the image below to attract those who are having trouble with diabetic socks that are irritating to wear.  

amazon sponsored brand headline

Considering Your Audience

Think about everything that your audience is looking for when coming up with ideas for a good Amazon sponsored brand headline. Think about what is most important to them. The great thing about Amazon sponsored posts is that they allow you to advertise at least 3 products in the ad. So you can focus your  headline on 3 things, or you can focus the headline on one thing but show how your products can differ from one another.

Using Numbers

People love to see numbers in Amazon sponsored brand headlines so if you can, you should include them. If you include a powerful stat or number in the headline along with why it’s powerful, chances are more people will be drawn to this headline. For example, let’s say you are the #1 diabetic sock seller on Amazon with thousands of reviews, you can include either of that in your headline and people are more than likely to click on it when compared to a headline that states ‘Best diabetic socks’.

Length of Amazon Sponsored Brand Headline

Amazon sponsored brand headlines should be simple, short and straight to the point. Anything that is extremely long will probably get ignored. People have an attention span of about 8 seconds in today’s world, so if the first couple of words don’t catch their attention then it will just be ignored. Make the first three words the most interesting part of the headline.

Split Testing

If you are stuck between two headline options, you could always run both of them and figure out which one resulted in the most clicks and determine what worked and what didn’t. By doing this, you can gain a better understanding of what kind of content your customers are looking for. This will help you with future campaigns making them easier to design.

Misleading Amazon Sponsored Brand Headlines

When creating Amazon sponsored brand headlines, you want to be careful how you go about it. Don’t add things to your headline that have nothing to do with your products or could be offensive. This could get your ad taken down and also result in a loss in profit. Another thing you want to do is to make sure the headline makes sense. Double check your ad before submitting it. You don’t want to accidentally get your products mixed up and advertise a totally different product on your ad. This will direct a customer to something completely different to what they are looking for.

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