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What is Amazon Subscribe and Save?

What is Amazon Subscribe and Save?

Amazon Subscribe and Save is a service that allows you to save money on a product by subscribing to it monthly. Like pictured below, if you’re searching for an item, it will show if it’s eligible for subscribe and save by having another option above the add to cart button. This option is typically for items that are purchased throughout the year.

Amazon Subscribe and Save

Some items that are apart of the Amazon Subscribe and Save program are:

  1. Household

  2. Baby Care

  3. Pet Supplies

  4. Grocery

  5. Health & Wellness

  6. Beauty & Personal Care

Amazon Subscribe and Save

With Amazon Subscribe and Save you can save up to 15% according to Amazon. The process is extremely easy and the only difference from a regular checkout is the customer using the drop down menu to choose how frequently they want the product. After they choose the frequency, they finish the order in checkout and it’s done. Below is what the drop down menu looks like.

Amazon Subscribe and Save

When you look at a product that is apart of the program, you can see that there are two sides to a discount you could receive. A 5% discount or a 15% discount. The amount you get off  is determined by the number of products you subscribe to each month. If you subscribe to 1 – 4 different products delivered to the same address in the same month, you receive a 5% discount. If you subscribe to 5 or more different products delivered to the same address in the same month you receive 15% off. And on top of all of that, prime members unlock 20% on subscriptions to diapers, baby food and more when receiving 5 or more products in a given month to a single address, compliments of Amazon Family, as Amazon states.

While saving money by subscribing to products every month, you also get free shipping and you can cancel it at any time. This option is great for customers because they have thousands of items to choose from. Amazon takes care of everything including sending you reminders showing the items, the price and any applied discount for your upcoming delivery.

If you end up not needing a product for the upcoming month, Amazon allows you to skip the delivery that month. To do so, you need to click on Manage your subscriptions → hover over the subscription you want to modify → click skip next delivery.

Sellers Wanting To Sell in Amazon Subscribe and Save

Sellers are allowed to be apart of the Subscribe & Save as long as they meet the FBA requirements. Below is a screen grab from their official website.

Amazon Subscribe and Save

So if you meet those requirements you can easily sell your items in this program. This program is great for sellers because they don’t have to worry about trying to get customers back. With Amazon Subscribe and Save, you have loyal, recurring customers buying your products every month. If you pass all of the requirements you need to enable the program under subscription settings and click ‘Enable Subscribe & Save’.

Below is the discount amount of each category depending on the amount of products a person purchases.

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