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Trending Products On The Rise For 2020

2020 is right around the corner and there are items that are already ranking high in Google searches. These keywords or search terms that are on the rise, are very likely to become trending products for 2020. 

Throughout this post, you will find lists of items that are ‘on the rise’ according to google trends. Google defines rising by “Queries with the biggest increase in search frequency since the last time period. Results marked “Breakout” had a tremendous increase, probably because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches.”  

Tech Products 

  1. iPod cases 

  2. Waterproof cases

  3. Screen protectors 

  4. Tech accessories

One thing to do is to follow product releases. For example, Apple releases new products every year. If you sign up for their email list you will be among the first to know all about the product. This will help you determine what products will be trending surrounding that product. Apple announced on October 28th that they will be releasing the Airpods Pro on October 30th. Although it would be hard to have products ready in two days, at least by knowing about the product when it comes out, you could be one of the first sellers to contact suppliers and come up with a product for it, for example airpod case covers. You would be one of the first sellers to get their hands on the trend. Other companies to keep your eyes on include:

  1. Microsoft

  2. Xbox

  3. Nintendo

  4. Samsung

The reason why I mention these businesses is the reason that, the customers who buy these products are always looking for ways to protect their purchase while also differentiating and customizing their purchases from others. For example, whenever there is a release for a new phone there will always be a new case for it. Whenever there is a new tablet or computer release, there will always be customers looking for screen protectors, skins and covers. This is one category that you know will always be trending. When getting into covers, cases and skins it is best to stay away from name brands. (Ex: selling screen protectors claiming it is an apple product, when really it is made FOR the apple product. Huge difference.)  Although you may see suppliers offering the products for cheap with the brand name, it is best to avoid it because this can get you caught up with the real brand finding out, reporting you and getting your account shut down or suspended for selling fakes.  

Eco-friendly Products

  1. Reusable shopping bags

  2. Reusable grocery bags

  3. Eco-friendly baby products 

  4. Eco-friendly cleaning products  

  5. Wax food wraps

  6. Eco-friendly sponges 

Eco-friendly items aren’t only trendy, it is also a big step forward to helping the planet and that is something that our society has been extremely involved in these last couple of months. People are trying to lower their plastic waste by switching out products they use often for reusable, eco-friendly products. Shoppers now are more interested in whether or not the product is eco-friendly. 

Trending Products for 2020 on Social Media

  1. Geode art 

  2. Resin art

  3. Resin/epoxy molds

  4. Fluid art products 

  5. Epoxy dye 

  6. Pastel colored clothing

trending products

Social media is perfect for searching for trends. Above is a list of products that are making their way to the top. Type in any of these terms in YouTube or Instagram and you will find thousands of posts. 

There are people trying to start a trend almost everyday and sometimes that involves a product. For example, when makeup artists first introduced the beauty blender, it went VIRAL. There were hundreds of other companies trying to figure out how they can hop on board. To be successful in finding trends on social media, it is best to follow big influencers or those who are getting a lot of attention. Chances are whatever they are looking for, you may be able to message them and supply it for them. That will put the product in front of thousands of their followers, making your product one of the first to go viral allows you to ‘start’ the trend. 

I hope this was helpful. Instead of listing specific products, I thought this would be helpful to those who want to find their own product within one of these categories. Also, this leaves a lot of products open for sellers to choose from. If everyone is reading a list of trending products, chances are those products will be over-saturated by the time you get to it, so this is a bit more helpful. Good luck!

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