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Social Media Marketing for Amazon

Did you know that 42% of the total global population uses social media each month? That’s over 3 BILLION people. In 2017, the US had almost 209 million social media users alone. Because of these huge numbers, social media is a powerful tool any business should be utilizing to connect with their customers, increase their brand awareness, and drive sales. But how can social media marketing for Amazon improve a seller’s chances at success? In this blog, we’ll take a dive into social media marketing for Amazon and specifically look at Facebook, the biggest social media network in the world.

The first thing to understand about social media marketing for Amazon and figuring out how to begin is that you don’t want to try to go all-in on all social media networks at once. Not all social media networks will make sense for all Amazon businesses. You have to understand who your target customer is and what social media network(s) they use. For example, if your target customer is a crafty stay-at-home mom, you’d really want to prioritize social media marketing on Pinterest where they’d be looking for inspiration for projects, how-to’s, etc. It would be the perfect place to get your products, featured alongside the things they are researching. If you try to maintain too many social media networks at once you’ll probably end up spreading yourself too thin. It’s important to pick and choose the social media networks you think will help your Amazon business be most successful and make that your priority.

Social media is supposed to be about having fun and making connections, not hard selling your products 24/7. You want to build your brand profile and pages in a way that encourages conversations and connections with your customers. Of course, you want to feature your products and encourage people to buy them, but you’ll want to do it in creative, clever ways. People like to interact with social media pages that are entertaining, so try keeping your posts fun and interesting. Social media marketing for Amazon should be helping to drive sales, but also foster rapport with your target customers. Your social media pages give them the opportunity for a more direct relationship with your brand, so keep the conversations going!

If you’re not sure how to get started with your social media marketing for Amazon, try researching some brands who are similar to yours that are already well-established. You can then emulate things that you like about their profile when constructing your own profile. Start formulating clever ways of posting about your products. Think about unconventional uses for your products that people might not have thought about. Use lifestyle photos showing your products in use. Create demo videos of your products so people can see how your products work. Run promos and contests to help engage your audience and build hype.

Social media marketing for Amazon is a long-term strategy that you have to be willing to commit to. Businesses fail because they are only concerned with short-term strategies and aren’t willing to see the vital uses of things like social media marketing. Social media marketing won’t provide an instant spike in sales for most businesses. Its purpose is to create a community that loves your brand and wants to interact with it and each other. It takes time to nurture that community and you must be willing to be patient while you grow the community on your social media pages.

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Facebook. Your social media marketing for Amazon is probably going to include Facebook simply because of the massive number of users it has. As of June 2018, Facebook reports having an average of 1.47 billion daily active users. With that kind of usage, businesses are missing out on major opportunities to engage with people if they are not on Facebook.

The best way to start out is to create a Page for your Amazon business. This is a pretty easy process, especially if you’ve already done the research I talked about earlier and know how you want your page to be set up. Make sure you fill out as much information as possible, so people know exactly what the page is all about while you are getting actual posts put up. Once you’ve set up your page, you can start posting and get the conversation going. Remember, your page should be engaging and build a community around your brand!

So what kinds of things should you post on Facebook for your social media marketing for Amazon? A good place to start is to think of what will prompt people to comment, react (like, heart, etc.), or share. You should always try to incorporate some kind of question into your posts to help entice people to comment with their answer. You can also try asking people to tag their friends in a comment on the post to help draw even more people to your page. It’s also a good idea to alternate the kinds of posts you use, alternating between inspiring, funny, informative/educational, promotional, etc. Promotional posts should be very limited, so your page doesn’t become a constant stream of salesy posts.

By building a community around your brand on social media, you’ll have create a loyal customer base who loves your brand and products. This can help sustain your Amazon business long-term by nurturing these dedicated shoppers to keep coming back to buy your products. Social media marketing for Amazon can seem time-consuming and to have very little ROI, but if cultivated properly it can help drive an additional stream of sales that all Amazon Sellers don’t want to miss out on.

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