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Long Tail SEO for Amazon

We’ve talked about SEO for Amazon before, for both product listings and product listing titles, but something we haven’t talked about is long tail SEO for Amazon. Long tail SEO for Amazon focuses on identifying and inserting long tail keywords into your product listings in order to attract customers that using very specific phrases to look for products. Customers using long tail keywords are usually close to making a purchase because they are pinpointing exact features or descriptions in their search phrases.

A long tail keyword is longer than a more general keyword and is more specific. For example, if a customer was looking for a necklace like the one pictured below, they know the kind of necklace they are wanting so they’ll probably using more than just the search term ‘necklace’.

long tail seo for amazon

This is a specific kind of necklace. So if a customer was searching for this necklace or one similar to it, they would most likely not use a general, broad search term like ‘necklace’ because they would get traditional pendant necklaces in their search results. Here are the top results for the search term ‘necklace’ on Amazon:

long tail seo for amazon

As you can see, these results are for pendant necklaces with simple chains, while what the actual desired product is a larger, more ornate necklace. Because of the more specific type of necklace the customer in this example is looking for, they would likely use a long tail phrase like ‘bib statement necklace.’ A search for that phrase looks like this:

This is prime example of why long tail keywords and long tail SEO for Amazon is important. Customers are more likely to use narrow, specific phrases like the one in this example when they know what they are looking for and are ready to buy once they find a product that fits their needs.

Long tail SEO for Amazon will help increase the likelihood that customers who are ready to purchase products find your listings in their search results. And it may seem like figuring out what long tail keywords to use will be a difficult task but there are actually a couple easy ways to go about it. The first is super simple and requires no fancy, expensive tools or much effort.

Simply go to Amazon and start typing some keywords into the search bar. You’ll see a drop-down that lists some recommended keywords and long tail keywords related to your search terms.

long tail seo for amazon

Going along with the example we used earlier, here are some suggestions based on the search terms ‘statement necklace’. These long tail keyword suggestions would be helpful to a necklace seller working on their long tail SEO for Amazon product listings. Obviously, they would only want to select the long tail keywords that match their product. So if their necklace(s) did not match the keywords ‘statment necklace gold’ or ‘statement necklace red’, they wouldn’t want to include those and drive customers to their listing looking for necklaces that are specifically red or gold. The goal is to drive customers looking for products like yours to your listing, so picking irrelevant keywords is not a good idea.

Another good place to look for long tail keywords is in your Amazon Seller Central account. Under the Reports tab, select Advertising Reports. Generate a Sponsored Products Search Terms Report for the last 60 days. Click on Create report and then download the file. Once you’ve opened the file on your computer, you can sort by number of orders to see which search terms generated the most sales. These are good keywords to target in your long tail SEO for Amazon, and also in your Amazon PPC campaigns.

You can also use a free tool like Scientific Seller to get long tail keyword suggestions for your long term SEO for Amazon. I tried it for ‘statement necklace’ and it returned a bunch of good options, and was still searching for more.

long tail seo for amazon scientific seller

Long tail SEO for Amazon can be great for driving high-quality traffic to your product listings and increasing your conversion rates. It may seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be that difficult. Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you get some great long tail keywords to add to your product listings!

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