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How to Boost Organic Rankings with Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Amazon’s algorithm takes many things into account when assigning rank. Organic rankings are directly impacted by a product’s availability, price, text relevancy, and sales velocity. It’s also indirectly impacted by type of fulfillment, reviews, images, advertising and promotions. As an Amazon Seller, you want to have the highest organic ranking possible so that your products show up as high as possible in customer searches. If your products show up anywhere past page 1 of the search results, your products will most likely not be seen by most customers. Once you’ve optimized your product listings, you’ll want to use Amazon Sponsored Product Listings to help boost your organic rankings.

Amazon vs. Google

Amazon and Google differ when it comes to how their algorithms factor in ads for rankings. Google does not allow paid ads to help boost organic rankings within search results, while Amazon does. Paid advertising on Amazon can provide a wealth of traffic to your product listings, as well as additional sales which will help your sales ranking.

Amazon Strategy

This strategy of using Amazon Sponsored Product Ads to boost your organic rankings is based on the quality of your keywords for each product. Start by running automatic campaigns, in which Amazon will target keywords for your products based on your listings in order to find keywords that convert into sales. Then once a keyword gets a sale, take that keyword and start a manual campaign for that product and keyword. Make sure to negative that keyword in the original automatic campaign so you don’t have it running in two campaigns for the same product. The more sales you can gain from this kind of ad strategy will only help boost your organic rankings. You can read a more in-depth post about running automatic then manual campaigns here.

Different Algorithms

Another big difference between the algorithms of Amazon and Google is that Amazon doesn’t take into account external factors like backlinks, social media, domain authority, etc. So advertising on Amazon is, in theory, easier than Google since only internal factors matter for the algorithm’s product rankings.

Amazon’s main goal is to maximize the revenue per customer (RPC). They track everything a customer does on the website: clicks, how long they view a page, where their mouse hovers, etc. As such, Amazon rewards sellers who make sales with higher organic rankings.

The most important thing to remember is:

more sales = higher organic rankings = more sales

Automating your Amazon ads can easily help save you up to 8 hours per week. Sellozo’s platform not only automates your Amazon ads, it also optimizes them to help you save money by eliminating wasted ad spend.

Try Sellozo!

Sellozo offers a simple, powerful platform that makes it easy to manage and optimize your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads and – thanks to machine-learning – programmatically alters bids to help your ads beat out the competition.


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