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Finding New Products for Amazon

Finding products for Amazon can be tough and overwhelming if you’re just starting off. Researching for a product to sell on Amazon is stressful because you might be reading different blogs and they all say different things. One may tell you to sell the products you are most interested in, while other blogs may tell you to avoid selling what you’re interested in and to sell things that are trending. Both are these are not bad answers but we will talk about what works best for you in this blog post.

How To Search For Products

There are many different ways to find products for Amazon. You can do an organic search on Amazon itself, download a software to your computer to help you pay for a program to do the work for you, you can use google trends and even track buying habits on social media.

Organic Amazon Search

Below is an example of an organic Amazon search and the results. As you can see this will help you determine how crowded a product can be. When we searched for ‘jade face roller’ we got over 1,000 results, while searching for ‘wave formers’ we only got 428 results. This can help determine which products are extremely saturated and which aren’t.

products for amazon

products for amazon

Google Trends to Find Products for Amazon

Google Trends allows you to search for a term and explore the search results that are related to the term. Below is an example of the search term ‘face roller’ and along with that you can see:

  1. You can compare other words with it to see a difference

  2. Filter by region, time, category and search type

  3. Graph that shows interest over time

  4. By Sub-region

  5. Related topics

  6. Related queries

products for amazon

products for amazon

The most important part of the information above is the ‘time’ category, pictured right underneath the search term. Choosing the time is critical and can also make or break your search.  Below you can see how big of a difference there is between each graph. Imagine searching for products for Amazon and you accidentally viewed data on the past hour instead of the past 5 years and the data looked similar to the first graph! That misconception could make it seem as if the product is bouncing all over the place and is something you shouldn’t invest in when really, it’s becoming more popular as the years go by.

products for amazon

Programs and Extensions

There are programs that can help assist you on your search for products for Amazon. You can read this article on programs to use for a more in depth description of each program. Jungle Scout is a well-known program that helps you find products for Amazon.

You can:

  1. Discover Products

  2. Gain insights on Consumer & Competitor Trends

  3. Track and Validate Ideas

  4. Identify keyword trends and optimize listing

  5. Find quality suppliers in seconds

Jungle Scout starts off at $25 and can range anywhere between $39- $99 a month, depending on what plan you sign up for. This is the only option you would have to actually pay for, Google Trends and of course, an organic Amazon search is free.

Finding the Right Category for Products on Amazon

Some say to find products for Amazon around the things you are interested in and some say to find products for Amazon that are trending. Although both answers are completely different, you could go with either one if it fits the requirements. What are the requirements? Let’s take a look below.

Finding perfect products for Amazon may include

  1. Products with less than 100 reviews

  2. Products less than 500 results

  3. Pass ALL of Amazon’s requirements

  4. Fit the Small & Light Requirements (Doesn’t have to, but this option will save you a lot of money)

  5. Weighs less than 50 lbs

  6. Can be easily stocked

These are not necessarily needed when looking for products for Amazon but it is helpful when performing searches.

Searching for Products You’re Interested In

This is a great option for those who are trying to sell products based off of their own interests. When searching for products for Amazon that you are interested in, you want to make sure that it is in need at the moment. Sometimes you can have a really great product idea, but if no one is searching for it, it’s not going to sell. So when you find products for Amazon that you like, make sure you are looking at the demand for it.

Searching for Trending Products on Amazon

Searching for trending products takes a little more effort. You also have to be fast with this one. If you end up finding a product that is about to be a huge trend, or is currently on the rise, you need to order the product and list it immediately. Why? Look at fidget spinners, when that product went viral a couple of years ago, everyone started to order them and if you were one of the first sellers, chances are you were the #1 seller. Same thing with pop sockets. If you were one of the first people to hop on the trend, you will be the seller who will potentially get the first reviews and sales, making it easier for you to win the Buy Box.  

You may be wondering, how do I know if the product will do well? Simple, there are certain items you can sell that will definitely become popular no matter what. For example, Apple is allegedly releasing a new iPhone this year, the iPhone 11. You can start contacting suppliers that sell iPhone accessories. Screen protectors, tempered glass, cases, pop socket cases, wallet/phone cases and so on. Apple sells millions of iPhones every time they release a new version, so this is one niche that you know for sure will sell well.

We have a blog post on product trends for 2019 if you need an idea of what to sell, but it is best to double check to make sure it is something that is accessible for you. I hope you found this blog helpful. Remember that extensive research on a product, looking at competitors and spending time to find the right supplier will help you in the long run. If you don’t put in enough effort into finding the right product and you start selling something just because you see everyone else doing it, it will result in frustration  & headaches. Don’t expect the same results as someone else if you take that route. Good luck!

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