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ASIN and Parent ASIN Tabs in Sellozo ProductVu

We’re excited to announce a new feature within Sellozo’s ProductVu:

ASIN and Parent ASIN tabs.

These data roll up tabs offer an easier way for sellers to see all of their product variations. If you are a seller who has products with many variations (clothing, accessories, anything with multiple sizes and colors, different quantities, etc.), these tabs will make finding and assessing the performance of your individual ASINs as well as parent ASINs much faster.

asin and parent asin

If you enjoy using the many Filters Sellozo offers, any Filters you apply within ProductVu will carry over between tabs. This will help make switching between different tabs more seamless and less frustrating, as your Filter options will remain on as you browse your products. You can utilize the ASIN and Parent ASIN Filter options to quickly find specific ASINs and Parent ASINs.

This has been one of the most requested features our customers have been asking us for within ProductVu. We understand the need to be able to filter down to your individual ASINs to assess their sales and PPC performance, as well as looking at the Parent ASIN level in order to assess the performance of a group of ASINs as a whole.

Another feature that has been added along with these tabs is the ability to view your financial information at the SKU, ASIN, and Parent ASIN levels.

Being able to see financial information at the SKU, ASIN, and Parent ASIN level is reportedly extremely important to most Amazon Sellers. Having quick access to this information helps sellers make informed decisions about which products to reorder and continue selling, or possibly discontinue selling, without having to do much digging.

At Sellozo, we understand the importance of your time as an Amazon Seller. You have so many things to manage and take care of, we want to help make your life as easy as possible by giving you the features and tools you want and need. This newest feature is a prime example of that. We’re dedicated to helping you be a more successful Amazon Seller and we’re excited to continue bringing you the things you need to take your business to the next level!

You can check out our YouTube channel for our latest videos on new features, how to best use Sellozo for your business, and other great videos on how to be a successful Amazon Seller!

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