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Amazon Sponsored Product Tips

Amazon Sponsored Products are a vital part of selling products on Amazon. Without advertising your products, customers are much less likely to find them. This means your sales will suffer in the long run. But thankfully, there are some Amazon Sponsored Product tips you can follow that will help you be more successful at running ads on Amazon.

amazon sponsored product tips

Amazon Sponsored Product Tip #1

The first tip is to test with automatic campaigns and then utilize manual campaigns for keywords that convert into sales. Using automatic campaigns are great for discovering new keywords that get your products sales. But they offer very little control and so they should be run with a minimal budget. You should reserve the bulk of your budget for your manual campaigns since those campaigns will be targeting keywords that have gotten sales in the past. The keywords you find in your automatic campaigns that lead to sales should be used throughout your product listings as well. This is the kind of Amazon SEO that will help boost your rankings and sales.

Amazon Sponsored Product Tip #2

Have you ever heard of “adjacent keywords”? Surprisingly, there isn’t much to be found out there when you search for information about adjacent keywords. Essentially, adjacent keywords are just keywords that are similar to other keywords you might already be using. For example, if you were selling white craft glue (like Elmer’s) you could also target the keyword “paste” because it is a synonym of the word “glue”. You can use a site like to look up synonyms of keywords to find adjacent keywords to add to your listings and Amazon Sponsored Product ads.

Amazon Sponsored Product Tip #3

If you’re already running ads on Amazon, I hope you are using negative keywords to eliminate wasting money on keywords that are not relevant to your product. Identifying negative keywords is a helpful way for sellers to narrow down their target audience in order to stop having their ads served to customers who are not likely to purchase. Going back to the example I used earlier, if you were selling white craft glue, you wouldn’t want to spend money on keywords like “sweaters for women” or “eyelash glue” or anything else that is completely unrelated to your product. The chances of someone looking for women’s sweaters randomly buying some glue are remote since that’s not what they are currently searching for to purchase.

Bonus Amazon Sponsored Product Tip: Another tip for negative keywords is to also look out for keywords that might seem like they’d be good options for your product but actually aren’t because they are too expensive and not providing any sales. If you are spending a lot on a keyword you think should be good for your product, but you are not seeing the results you want, that keyword is a good candidate to become a negative keyword. It goes back to the same philosophy of not wasting your ad spend on keywords that are not giving you a good return on your investment.

Amazon Sponsored Product Tip #4

You want to make good use of the different types of match types for keywords for your Amazon product ads. This Amazon Sponsored Product tip focuses on using broad, phrase, and exact match types to refine your campaign and keyword targeting.

  1. Broad match – This match type is basically a wide net, meaning extra words might get added before, in the middle, or after your target keyword. This is the least targeted match type, but it is helpful for keyword discovery.

  2. Example: Target keyword – glue

  3. Broad matches – craft glue, white glue, glue for crafts

  4. Phrase match – This match type is offers narrower targeting than broad match, while still allowing for misspellings and plurals, by allowing words to be added before or after your target keyword.

  5. Example: Target keyword – glue

  6. Phrase matches – kids craft glue, quick dry glue, white craft glue

  7. Exact match – This is the most targeted match type. It restricts your ad to only be shown when someone searches for your exact target keyword, only allowing it to be shown for plurals and misspellings. If you are using a phrase, it will not allow the words to be separated or additional words to be added.

  8. Example: Target keyword – glue

  9. Exact matches – glue, gleu, glues

Using match types is important for targeting customers who are most likely to purchase your product. You want to dedicate your ad spend on the most targeted audience you can in order to get the best results.

amazon sponsored product tips

These are just a few Amazon Sponsored Product tips to help get you started (or help you optimize your ads if you’ve already started). Hopefully they will help you think of ways to run more profitable ads on Amazon and get the results you want. If you want even more Amazon Sponsored Product tips, you can sign up for Sellozo and our Expert Support Team of experienced Amazon Sellers will happily help! Click here to get started. Happy Selling!

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