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Amazon Seller Conferences 2019

Amazon Seller conferences allow you to  stay updated with product trends, meet high end and lower end sellers, learn new things about Amazon itself and so much more. These conferences allow you to showcase your product or brand to thousands of shoppers and sellers.

These conferences are a way for you to meet actual people. There are thousands of blogs, webinars, videos and articles on how to sell on Amazon, better your business and so on, but sometimes you need more than just an article to read or a video to watch. Sometimes it’s better to hear from sellers in person, where it can be a lot easier to get your questions answered.

Below is a list of Amazon Seller conferences for 2019:

New York City, NY

January 13th-15th, 2019

One of the bigger shows, with 37,000 attendees, 16,000 retailers, 700+ exhibitors and in 99 countries, this Amazon Seller conference has major brands that attend. For example, Amazon itself will be there, Avenue Stores, Calvin Klein, Dell and so many more.

Brooklyn, NY

January 30th, 2019

amazon seller conferences

“All-day event [that] connects Amazon’s top sellers with others who strive to succeed in the marketplace.” This Amazon Seller conference includes presentations from top Amazon experts, lunch + a famous ASGTG lavish gourmet catered buffet dinner and high energy, inviting atmosphere for networking with hundreds of advanced sellers.

Las Vegas, NV

March 17th-19th, 2019

amazon seller conferences

“1,400 Attendees, 110  Exhibitors, 33 Speakers and 7 Ex-Amazonians”. The Prosper Show will be held in Las Vegas and is an Amazon Seller conference focused on established Amazon sellers.

The Sellozo Team will be at Prosper! We hope you visit us at Booth #407. You can buy tickets here.

Miami, FL

May 15th-17th, 2019

This Amazon Seller conference focuses on two main points, those who wish to sell on Amazon or already selling on Amazon and selling on your own e-commerce store. They offer different packages for different sellers. For example, if you make >$250k you get a mastermind standard pass while those who make >$1 million get a mastermind advanced pass.

Las Vegas, NV

June 21st-23rd, 2019

amazon seller conferences

SellerCon is an Amazon Seller conference that allows sellers to learn from Amazon millionaires and allows sellers to connect and take notes from speakers. Not only are you meeting sellers and millionaires, you can also meet mentors to help grow your business.

Chicago, IL

June 25th-28th, 2019

amazon seller conferences

Not only is this an Amazon Seller conference, it is also a trade show. “IRCE’s conference offers strategic educational sessions on the topics that matter to you most. With over 130 sessions covering various topics and trends, your needs are met at IRCE.”

Minneapolis, MN

July 19th-20th, 2019

amazon seller conferences

“This event helps sellers on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and more learn what’s changing in the world of ecommerce, new tactics to market their businesses, rules of selling through these different platforms, and how to grow their businesses”. This Amazon Seller conference was created by sellers, for sellers.

With so many awesome Amazon Seller conferences coming up in 2019, you are sure to find one near you that will help you grow your Amazon business. As mentioned above, we will be at Propser in Las Vegas in March. Please drop by our booth (#407) to say hi and grab some swag and prizes! We’re excited to meet some of you in person!

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