Business Intelligence for your Business

Designed by marketplace sellers for other marketplace sellers, Sellozo's Intelligence Templates provide flexible, smart data views for your business intelligence platform.

See all your sales, marketing, and inventory data in one beautiful, intuitive place. 

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How it Works:

  1. Select your marketplace(s)

  2. Select your advertising platform(s)

  3. Choose your Business Intelligence platform

  4. Pick the template(s) that you want for your intelligence platform:

    For example: 

    • Sales by advertising channel

    • Sales by region

    • Marketing performance by region

    • Marketing performance by channel

    • Best ROAS by marketplace

    • Best ROAS by advertising platform

    • Daily, weekly, monthly performance dashboards

    • And many more

  • Sellozo Data Connector

  • Stop paying developers to pull together data from all the platforms (Amazon, Shopify, Google, ...)

  • We do all the work of pulling the data together and making it a 5min process to connect all your eCommerce business data into the tools you Use

  • Supporting today: Amazon, Shopify, Google Ad Data, Facebook Ad Data

  • Frustrated downloading csv files from Amazon and Shopify to undersatand your ecommerce business performance??  Want an easy button for this?

  • google keywords to buy:

    • "how to download Amazon csv reports"

    • "How to download Shopify csv reports"

    • "shopify data"

    • "ecommerce reporting"

    • "pull amazon/shopify data into tableau"

    • "Pull amazon/shopify data into powerbi"

  • Pitch​

    • we make it SUPER SIMPLE to get all your eCommerce data in one report in the tools you already have.​

    • if you are just getting started, use our templates to get started building your customized business reporting.​​

    • step 1:

      1. sign up for sellozo and connect your accounts:​

        1. amazon, shopify, google, facebook​

      2. sellozo imports and organizes your data​

      3. you access the data through the tools you already know (excel, tableau, powerbi, etc.)

      4. use our included templates to get started in 5mins with advanced reporting on your eCommerce business

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