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Commerce Canal is a New York City based agency providing retail, distribution, licensing and ecommerce services for over 50 brands (LEGO® Wear, NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, New Balance, Hanes) across the world. Distribution includes Amazon, Costco, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Zappo’s and many others. Their mission is to showcase, protect and enhance our clients’ products whether in brick and mortar stores or online. Our technology analytics suite includes price, feedback, returns and review management tools to prosper in today’s rapidly evolving retail industry.

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Thanks to advanced Ad Automation from Sellozo, Commerce Canal has seen PPC sales for some clients increase over 56% and total sales rise 61%. In addition, profit increases have been seen as high as 74%.

Overall, in just a few months, the Sellozo Optimizer has out-performed a small army and made over 4 million bid adjustments and discovered 22,000 new keywords and 27,000 negative keywords.

Misty Forest

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"We didn’t expect to find an agency-friendly solution that delivered such strong results."

Ryan Craver

CEO, Commerce Canal


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