Amazon Prime Wardrobe: Simplifying Clothes Shopping

What is Prime Wardrobe?

Prime Wardrobe is a service offered by Amazon that allows customers to browse items, pick what they want, send it to their house, try it on and if something doesn’t fit or they don’t like it, they can send it back for free without getting charged for anything including shipping costs.

prime wardrobe

This gives customers the option to send items to their house for free while also sending things back for free. The only thing you pay for are the items you want to keep. Prime Wardrobe is specifically for trying on, you are not allowed to pull the tags off or wear it out. If Amazon receives the items back and deem it as worn or the tags are missing, you will get charged for the items. So be careful when you are trying on things!

Is Prime Wardrobe Included in Amazon Prime?

Prime Wardrobe is included with your Prime membership. It includes many different departments including:

  • Women’s
  • Men’s
  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Baby
  • New Arrivals
prime wardrobe

Prime Wardrobe also includes name brands like:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Levi’s
  • Champion
  • Ray Bans
  • Calvin Klein
  • Timberland
prime wardrobe

Plus, many more name brands. But Prime Wardrobe isn’t limited to just clothes, you can also try on shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories.  Below are some key benefits pulled directly from Amazon.

How Do I Return Items I Don’t Want? 

Returning your items to Amazon is easy. Amazon ships the items to you in a resealable package with an adhesive prepaid return label. All you have to do is pack everything back in the box exactly how it came, including putting the items back into poly bags, hangers or shoe boxes etc, add the shipping label and drop it off at the nearest UPS location.  You have seven calendar days to return it. If you return it any day later, you will be charged for the items you ordered, even the ones you don’t want if you don’t send it back within the 7 day window.

If you end up keeping an item or two from the box, and end up changing your mind, you still have 30 days from the end of the try on period to return the items to be able to receive a refund. Items must meet Amazon’s Fashion Return Policy.

How Long Do Prime Wardrobe Orders Take to Ship?

Amazon states that it will take 4-6 business days for you to get your package. Assuming since you get so many benefits from Prime, including trying on clothes being shipped to your house for free, they don’t offer 2 day shipping on this program. Amazon wants to ship your items in as few boxes as possible.

A few things to keep in mind about Amazon Prime Wardrobe,

  • If you see a $1 charge on your card, it is because Amazon needs to make sure the card you’re using is active. It will disappear after a certain amount of time passes.
  • Make sure the check out online when returning items. If you don’t, it will charge you.
  • You can only order one Prime Wardrobe box at a time. So if you order something and you’re trying on items and go online and try to order another box, it won’t happen because you already have one currently at your house. Now if you return the box and check out online, you can order another box.
  • If you plan on returning an item to Amazon that wasn’t in the Prime Wardrobe box but from a different order, it must be returned separately. You cannot combine other Amazon orders with your Amazon Prime Wardrobe returns.
  • The minimum amount of items you can try on is two.

To see the program in action, you can click here!

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