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Grow your Amazon business by fully-automating
your Amazon Sponsored Product ads.

Sellozo is the perfect tool for Amazon sellers who want to
save time, eliminate wasted ad spend, and grow sales.

Improve ROI up to 70%

In addition to improved organic product ranking and lower ACoS, Amazon Sellers that use Sellozo see an average 70% increase in profit

Bulk Ads Management

Quickly create bulk product ads with a few clicks, taking advantage of automated manual campaign launching – all native to the Sellozo Amazon ads platform.

Lower PPC Costs

Advanced data analytics paired with automated positive and negative keyword discovery provide a hands-free, fully-automated bid optimization platform.

Save Time

Forget custom rule sets and stop digging through spreadsheets. Sellozo’s fully-automated platform will optimize your Amazon ads automatically

Simple, Straightforward Pricing.

All our plans come with a FREE 14-day trial.

Pick the plan that’s right for your business and get started immediately.

Don’t go it alone. Sellozo provides support you can count on.

With years of selling experience, coupled with a passion for helping other sellers succeed, our knowledgeable Onboarding and Product Support Specialists can provide expert advice on all aspects of how to grow your Amazon business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact if you can’t find an answer to your question below. You can also view our Knowledge Base.

Sellozo offers a 14-day risk free trial on all of our subscription tiers.

Well, we can’t fully reveal our secret sauce, but this video should give you an idea.

We’ve also created a deeper overview of how Sellozo works.

Here’s what we find works quite effectively:

  1. We launch some auto campaigns to start collecting some initial data (search terms that are relevant to your products).
  2. After a sale is made, we will analyze the auto campaigns and launch corresponding manual campaigns utilizing the keywords and performance data from the auto campaigns. Sellozo then applies optimized bids based off the collected data using our proprietary software.
  3. The auto campaign will continue to run at a reduced budget, and based on daily performance, the manual campaigns will be optimized for bids and keywords.
  4. Repeat Step 3 until all your products are sold under the Amazon ACoS target specified.

Sellozo supports North American and European marketplaces. A list of the marketplaces and countries are listed here.


Sellozo’s intelligent platform automatically identifies keywords that are not driving customers to purchase your products and creates negative keywords to block them. This means your Amazon ads are only targeting the best and most relevant keywords for your Amazon Sponsored Products.

You can cancel your Amazon Seller Central account integration to Sellozo at any time. No questions asked.

Try us out risk-free for 14 days! Connect your Amazon account to get started.

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