About Us

We’re an ROI-obsessed marketing company who delivers cutting-edge advertising software to boost your sales, reduce your spend, and give you the edge you deserve.

YOUR Success is OUR Success

We’re laser focused on building a simple and fully-automated advertising platform to help Amazon sellers increase sales. Our algorithms and machine learning principles analyze past performance, eliminates wasted spend and optimizes towards the best possible ROI.

Our unique approach has helped many sellers achieve phenomenal success by focusing less on managing campaigns, and more time evaluating results while growing their business.

Try us out for FREE and you won’t need anyone else.

Nic Delorme
Nic Delorme CEO

Nitin Mamillapally
Nitin Mamillapally Head of Product

Douglas Harris
Douglas Harris Head of Sales

Jolie Meyer
Jolie Meyer Senior Software Engineer

Ott Maiwat
Ott Maiwat UI/UX Developer

Jerome Walker
Jerome Walker Web Developer

Jessica McCune
Jessica McCune Marketing Specialist

Blake Perdieu
Blake Perdieu Product Specialist

Chloe Stradinger
Chloe Stradinger Onboarding Specialist

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