Meet Sellozo

Founded in 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri, Sellozo provides best-in-class ad optimization specifically for Amazon Sellers.

Sellozo’s team of digital marketing technology veterans delivers a unique, fully-automated platform designed to help Amazon Sellers increase their sales and improve their ROI through continuous performance-based optimizations.

Nic Delorme
Nic DelormeCEO
Ott Maiwat
Ott MaiwatUI/UX Developer
Nitin Mamillapally
Nitin MamillapallyHead of Product
Blake Perdieu
Blake PerdieuProduct Specialist
Doug Harris
Doug HarrisHead of Sales
Jerome Walker
Jerome WalkerWeb Developer
Jolie Meyer
Jolie MeyerSenior Software Engineer
Chloe Stradinger
Chloe StradingerOnboarding Specialist
Jessica McCune
Jessica McCuneMarketing Specialist
Kim McReynolds
Kim McReynoldsGrowth Marketing Specialist


300 East 39th Street
Suite 4F
Kansas City, MO 64111

We are open Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm Central.